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Dry Tooling near Sheffield

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Does anybody know any dry tooling venues close to Sheffield other than Masson Lees Quarry?

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 Hat Dude 27 Sep 2020
In reply to Martin Haworth:

> Millstone


Can't quite remember the name of the guidebook writer 😉

 Wsdconst 27 Sep 2020
In reply to andrzej kierzek:

Depends how brave you are 😂

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It's the crag of dreams, no need for anywhere else

In reply to Martin Haworth:

I don't want to dry tool in Millstones. I know the place quite well and do not see any area where I could do reasonable dry tooling without affecting existing trad route. Looks like crag of dreams i.e. Masson Lees Quarry is best.

thanks for help

 deepsoup 28 Sep 2020
In reply to Martin Haworth:

I knew someone would say that, but jeez not even in jest! 
Not the OP obviously, but there are quite likely to be people reading this who don't know better than to take you seriously.

For the benefit of anyone who doesn't know, Martin's comment is an in-joke about this incident and the epic UKC bun-fight that came out of it.  (Good lord - 10 years ago!  Eek!)

 ianstevens 28 Sep 2020
In reply to andrzej kierzek:

It was a "joke" based on a very old thread on here - for context: Someone went dry-tooling at millstone is some very lean winter conditions, thinking it would be okay. Needless to say the rock was damaged and there was some keyboard outrage on here. 

In reply to andrzej kierzek:

It certainly is, if you need any further info re tooling at masson then you can just ask, there are regulars who go there, we are currently developing new routes and re bolting existing ones, there is a masson lees drytoolers face book group, also people's popular drytoolers face book group as well

In reply to ianstevens:

Sorry! Where is my sense of humour ... I am worried ...

I remember "Fools with Tools" article on UKC describing what happened at Millstones.

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My major worry is that routes at masson lees really start at M6. Description of easier routes is not encouraging. My best mixed climb so far is IV.5 (The Seam in t-Sneachda). This is however a problem with any sports mixed, I was looking at some routes while water ice climbing in Ecrins and Banff/Yoho and it was the same ... I guess I will have to accept the challenge and do M6 . If Scotland gets locked up again, I will have a lot of time this winter.

I am not on Facebook, so I'll be asking through UKC. Thanks for offering!

In reply to andrzej kierzek:

Feel free to drop me an email if you need more info, the easier routes are self explanatory, just start at the very left side and work along. The first routes start on left and are:

There we are then ein-stein M5/+

Hook me up M5/+

The warm up M6 steep start then easy 

Tenouse link , says M7 but most people now go straight up, pull up to start then easy again onto finish if the warm up. The original line was right of the bolts on sketchy holds but these have improved over time and it's not that hard anymore.

After that it all gets a bit steeper, M10 and upwards until you get to 

Heavens above M7, but more like 6 when you know where the holds are.

So start at the left and work your way along.

There are some photos on my UKC gallery recently uploaded of the easier route

Mount chossmore has also been developed/dug out with about 8 routes from M2 to M4 , it's the obvious wall below the big roofs , all documented on UKC, 

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Looks like dream crag indeed. I will be going there soon!

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 Andy Say 28 Sep 2020
In reply to ianstevens:

"Keyboard outrage"?

You don't think outrage was totally justified, then?

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