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 lhayes 19 Apr 2022

Hi Everyone,

I’m heading to Orpierre at the end of May and am trying to decide which campsite to book. There’s two, one in town (with 1* and 4* options) and one further out. The UKC destination article is really helpful but wondering if anyone has been recently and can give a recommendation/review? Would be looking for which had better facilities, views/setting, access to pastries. 



 Chris Craggs Global Crag Moderator  UKH Supporter 19 Apr 2022
In reply to lhayes:

We have only stopped at the Princes d'Orange one - so can't compare. It has a pizzeria, swimming pool, climbing wall, small shop, laundry room, and good-sized spaces. You can walk to many of the crags from there.

Minus points - wifi is pretty poor, can get very busy.

Recommended anyway


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 cdpej 19 Apr 2022
In reply to lhayes:

by the one further out do you mean:

If so its really nice.  A bit more basic than the one in the village but I prefer it.  It faces south (unlike the one in the village which faces north) but shouldn't be too hot at the end of May.  There isn't a lot of shade.  You would need a car/bike.  The road its on leads up to the Col de Perty which is a lovely cycle (very quiet road).  

 earlsdonwhu 19 Apr 2022

Are you wanting to camp or hire a chalet/ mobile home? 

Prince of Orange was fine when I used it some years ago.

In reply to Chris Craggs:

Princes d'Orange is one of my favourite campsites anywhere.  The one in Ailefroide may just pip it at the post but it's a tough call.

OP lhayes 28 Apr 2022
In reply to lhayes:

Thanks everyone. I’ve book Princes D’Orange - can’t wait!

OP lhayes 28 Apr 2022
In reply to Gaston Rubberpants:

Thanks for the Ailefroide tip, I think that’ll be our next stop now 

 stubbed 29 Apr 2022
In reply to lhayes:

Years ago I stayed in a basic campsite there, don't remember any of the details, only that at night it was freezing and I had to sleep in all my clothes all week. I only had one pair of jeans (was probably climbing in them too) never been so glad to get home & put a wash on.

My favourite part of the week was when some German climbers we met at the campsite said 'you can climb anything, you're British' because they had met some others previously who had been great climbers and left such a good reputation, and that was probably the last time I was proud of being British. Also I couldn't climb anything, which was the point.

 HB1 29 Apr 2022
In reply to cdpej:

Too late, it seems, but I would also have recommended this site. Excellent all round - one thing - there is a dog. She barks at strangers, but once she's met and smelled you she's a real softy. We loved seeing her playing madly with the owners' son when he came back from school - tres fou!

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