Rare books and signatures for sale for charity

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More books and signatures for sale for Community Action Nepal. I’ve done my best to keep the prices down but still make some much needed funds. 
All books are first editions or new unless stated  and prices don’t include postage  

Greg Child. Thin Air. Signed by Greg, Doug Scott and Andy Parkin. Has a Valentine’s Day gift inscription and incribed ‘for Robin’  £43

Kieran Cunningham Climbing the Walls. Signed by Kieran. Brand new.        £17

Jim Curran.  K2 The Story of the Savage Mountain.         £10

Kurt Diemberger Omnibus. Spirits of the Air, Summits and Secrets, and Endless Knot. Signed by Diemberger.     £29

Richard Else and Brian Hall   The Face  signed by Brian Hall, Tony Howard and Di Taylor and Andy Parkin     £27

Brian Hall   Endless Risk  brand new  signed by Brian and Louise Hall, Tut Braithwaite, Andy Cave, Rab Carrington, and Andy Parkin    £43

Heinrich Harrer  The White Spider    £34

Hamish MacInnes  High Drama signed by Hamish and Tut Braithwaite       £27

Hamish MacInnnes   Sweep Search  signed by Hamish           £23

Hamish MacInnes  The Fox of Glencoe  brand new       £27

Soli Mehta and Harish Kapadia  p/b  Exploring the High Himalaya   2nd rev and updated ed signed “To Doug, Harish” this was Doug Scott’s copy     £15

Reinhold Messner  Die Herausforderung ( in German) and Prev owners name inside signed by Messner and Peter Habeler     £34

John Porter  A Path of Shadows  signed by John  brand new      £19

Paul Pritchard  Deep Play  signed by Paul ( full name signature) Simon Yates and Andy Parkin £47

Steve Roper and Allen Steck   Fifty Classic Climbs  ( rare book and usually expensive) signed by Kevin Thaw    £59

Clive Rowland   Towards the Ogre  signed by Clive and Tut Braithwaite  also signed by the publisher and his wife ( who is related to Clive) I am taking this book to Peebles on Friday to get signed by Cameron McNeish who wrote the foreword     £39

Doug Scott and Alex MacIntyre   The Shishapangma Expedition   Signed by Doug, Tut Braithwaite and Sir Chris Bonington  £43

Doug Scott  Kangchenjunga  -Ltd ed no 141 of 200 with a Ltd ed print  signed by Catherine Moorhead the editor   £32

Joe Simpson  Touching the Void  signed by Simon Yates, Sir Chris Bonington and the tipped in signature of Joe Simpson  ( this book is between £100 and £200 at the book fairs! )

Lionel Terray  Conquistadors of the Useless Prev owners name in.   £37

Victor Saunders.  Elusive Summits signed by Victor, Mick Fowler and Stephen Venables £37

Ivor E Tollefsen The Ronde Spire.  £27

Ivof E Tollefsen. Queen Maudland. £27

and last but not least 

Extreme Rock. Signed by James McHaffie £197 

(quite a few of these books are Boardman Tasker Winners)

 Jamie Hageman 25 Jan 2023
In reply to Linda Orritt:

Hi Linda, could I buy the Harish Kapadia book please?  Thanks!  I'll message you now

In reply to Jamie Hageman:

Yes it’s yours Jamie. Thank you. 

In reply to Linda Orritt:

Queen Maudland

Touching the Void


and Harish Kapadia now sold. Thank you. 

 smithsroute 25 Jan 2023
In reply to Linda Orritt:sent you a message re Greg Child book - thanks

In reply to smithsroute:

Thank you. Greg Childs now sold. 

 Phil Kelly 26 Jan 2023
In reply to Linda Orritt:

sending you a message, Linda.

In reply to Linda Orritt:

Extreme Rock now sold. Many thanks

In reply to Linda Orritt:

Sweep Search now sold. Thank you

In reply to teempade04:

Of course you can. Which ones would you like to buy? Message me and let me know which ones please. 
thank you. 

In reply to Linda Orritt:

Clive Rowland book now sold. Thank you

 Gary Gibson 30 Jan 2023
In reply to Linda Orritt: still got some of my autobiography’s left at £15.50 including postage and packing; email me on sportsclimbs& or message me on07802767301

In reply to Linda Orritt:

Diemberger omnibus

Else and Hall The Face

Hugh Drama McInnes

Elusive Summits Victor Saunders

and Doug Scott Kangchenjunga 

all now sold. Thank you

Post edited at 15:16
In reply to Linda Orritt:

It’s the last couple of days for this post and there are a few books left. 
The Rhonda Spire


Fifty Classic Climbs

Deep Play

and The White Spider amongst them. 

 Graham Booth 05 Feb 2023
In reply to Linda Orritt:

I will have deep play please!

In reply to Linda Orritt:

Deep Play sold. Thank you

 craig h 07 Feb 2023
In reply to Linda Orritt:

Just a bump - I have a few books from Linda, great condition and a very worth cause

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