Massonfest 2023 festival of drytooling

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Now that summer's over and the nights are drawing in, many ice-climbers turn their gaze to Kinder and ask that age old question: Is it in yet? To those intrepid dreamers we say: Course it bloody isn't!

To everyone else we say it's time to get winter ready at Masson Fest!

Please read the details (especially wrt to parking) and register on Eventbrite so we know who we’re expecting at the crag and whether you want food or a camping pitch at the pub

Check out "Masson Fest 2023" on Eventbrite!

Date: Fri, Oct 6 ‐ Sun, Oct 8 • 19:00 BST

Location: parking only on matlock spa road,  near sainsburys petrol station, free shuttle service in operation from there .

Masson Lees Quarrycom

Just to reiterate,  there will be no parking available at the crag, however we will be providing a free shuttle service from matlock spa road,  this is to maintain the current situation with regard to parking at the crag. Signage and contact phone numbers for this service will be in place over the weekend and also sent out to all registeted attendees prior to the weekend. also a string of volunteers will be in situ at the end of the track to advise during the festival. There is also information regrading the event on the BMC RAD 

In reply to climber34neil:

Well it seems the force really is strong on the dark side, this event is already sold out, what an amazing response! There is a waiting list on the evenbrite page now in case anyone registered can't make it.

 dave.mowle 15 Sep 2023
In reply to climber34neil:


I see the address is given as Ember Lane, it is NOT. The parking and access is on Salter Lane, leading from Matlock Spa Road. The BMC, UKClimbing and UKCaving all show the WRONG address and need updating. Check the maps before driving up please. 

Ember lane is the wrong side of the hill and exclusively accesses Ember Farm. Edward, the farmer, is driven nuts by cragger /caver cars most weekend turning in his yard, Massonfest doubles the problem.

Have a great weekend, looks amazing. 

In reply to dave.mowle:


Thanks for pointing that out, hadn't noticed actually,  will change that. Just for info there is no parking in the usual places for the event,  parking is on matlock spa road and we will be providing a shuttle service from there.


 Gary Gibson 17 Sep 2023
In reply to climber34neil:just remember access to Masson Lees has been banned due to serious rock fall

In reply to Gary Gibson:

Looks like on red wall, to be fair we cleared a lot of loose rock from that area after the block with a Lower off bolt on it came off. 

 Gary Gibson 19 Sep 2023
In reply to climber34neil:it is but wardens are monitoring access I have been informed 

 Stoney Boy 19 Sep 2023
In reply to climber34neil:

Still showing the address as Ember Lane...

In reply to Stoney Boy:

There is also a wider problem with the RF app see thread

So if you click on the parking link on the map on the app for Masson it takes you to the correct parking, however if you click on the open in Google maps for an individual buttress it takes you to the nearest road Ember Lane.

On ukc such as Stanage Popular have blue parking symbols on the crag map that you can click to take you to the correct parking and the open in Google maps function takes you to this location. However many cargs don't have this and the open in Google maps takes you to the nearest road. Massons Lees currently is like this hence the problem. Another good example locally is  Water-cum-Jolly

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 Stoney Boy 09:03 Wed
In reply to Graeme Hammond:

Needs to be fixed then.

In reply to Gary Gibson:

Ok, thanks 

In reply to Stoney Boy:

Yes it does, and I guess same for all the crags where that's an issue,  just especially important where there are parking issues

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