Life Insurance & Income Protection for Climbers

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Life Insurance, Income Protection and Critical Illness Cover for climbers 

If you are looking to protect your income in the event of an accident or provide for a family then Summit Financial Services can help bring you peace of mind. 

We specialise in a range of services for climbers, including:

  • Life Insurance
  • Mortgage Protection
  • Critical Illness Cover 
  • Income Protection Cover

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Over the last 20 years Summit Financial Services has grown from a small specialist insurer of climbers and cavers in the Yorkshire Dales to a national provider of Life Insurance, Mortgage Protection, Income Protection and Critical Illness Cover for climbers and mountaineers.

Because we specialise, we are happy to talk about the technical aspects of your climbing and work with you to obtain cover for your climbing and mountaineering (and many other) outdoor activities.

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If you would like to chat about your existing policy, compare rates with your current provider or discuss a new policy before a big Summer trip then please call or visit our NEW website to find out more.

Call today: 0345 565 0937

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“The staff at SFS listen carefully and advise wisely. They provide a flexible and personal service which gives great reassurance that you’ve been offered the most appropriate cover for all the crazy things you do!”
Libby Peter, Mountain Guide and mother of two

“Endorsed by the OIA as the leading provider of financial protection for those engaged in outdoor activities”
The Outdoor Industries Association

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In reply to Summit Financial Services:

I fully endorse Summit FS.

A few years ago I needed Life Insurance for my mortgage. I phoned the big name provider who provided my contents insurance. As soon as I mentioned climbing, not only did the quote shoot up, but they clearly has no concept of climbing as I was asked things such as “How can you be climbing at 4000m with a fall height of anything less than 4000m?” and “Why do you not always use two ropes?”. Summit FS clearly understood climbing, and got me a quote 45% cheaper than the big name provider.

The best part of this is that the quote Summit FS gave me was underwritten by..... yes, you’ve guessed it.... the very same big name provider!

In reply to nickinscottishmountains:

A couple months ago I wanted a travel insurance for rock climbing in Morocco.  Virgin Travel claimed to cover rock climbing but not mountaineering. I called them to specify what they mean exactly by rock climbing/mountaineering. (We all know how arsey they become if you are trying to make a claim) they came up with these definitions:

"If you have expensive kit when you are climbing it's mountaineering."

" If you have one wall it's rock climbing, if you have lots and lots of mountains around you it's mountaineering."

After 20 mins I gave up and just got an insurance from BMC.

 Derry 10:05 Wed
In reply to Summit Financial Services:

I've just signed up with this insurer and I can honestly say they were incredibly professional, personable and efficient. I am off on a remote expedition and urgently needed to sort life insurance.  After a couple of phonecalls it was pretty much sorted. They understood my requests and within a couple of days I had a very reasonable quote with flexibility after a year if my climbing ambitions change. 

Couldn't recommend more highly for service and peace of mind.

 lukegorman 00:10 Wed
In reply to Summit Financial Services:

get quote button does not work on the medical cover page.

In reply to Summit Financial Services:

Life insurance for rock climbers—seems oddly specific, right?

Well, there’s nothing quite like the moment you start questioning your choice of hobby or contemplating your existence when hanging out over thousands of feet of space.

Having the protection of insurance is good.

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