Guided Climbing in Snowdonia

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 Pohil 20 Jul 2023

There are spaces on trad, multipitch, seacliff,  and rope solo climbing and scrambling courses in Snowdonia in September/October 2023.

Venue: Snowdonia/Eryri

Dates: 5-14, 28-30 September; 3-5, 17-20 October 2023

Price: £190pp

 Moacs 02 Aug 2023
In reply to the thread:

Why the dislikes guys?

He's upfront and honest about what's being offered.  Website is clear and transparent.

Ok, all you wads may feel you can do it easily (were it not for your enormous dick in the way, obviously)... but some folk will enjoy having someone that knows the route etc.

 iainballantyne 03 Aug 2023
In reply to Moacs:

Perhaps if you are going to advertise a guided Cuillin ridge traverse some photos of Skye or at least scotland you had taken yourself would be reassuring for possible customers.... If the only photo on your website or social media of the ridge (or in Scotland for that matter) has been lifted directly from Adrian's cicerone guide it may lead to a bit of pushback, especially from people on a platform such as ukc. 

 atrendall 03 Aug 2023
In reply to iainballantyne:

To be honest, I hadn't noticed until you pointed it out. Might have been nice if the OP had included a link to the article the photo was copied from and given credit.

Maybe I should send an invoice for use of the photo!!!


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