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rholdswo 19 Jul 2019
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I'm backpacking the Cumbria Way with my 1 year old to raise money for the Evelina Children's Hospital.

The Cumbria Way is a 73 mile trek through the heart of the Lake District: from Ulverston to Carlisle. We hope to complete it in 5 days and will be camping along the way; hoping for more bucolic than colic!

Before Benjamin was born we were told there may be a problem with his heart. We were given a huge amount of support and help from the hospital. We were lucky; Benjamin came along and is a very healthy little boy but we were very aware of the parents and babies we saw in the Evelina whose news was not so good.

The people there work tirelessly in challenging circumstances with people going through a very difficult time. They invest hugely of themselves to make the children and parents they see have as many positive experiences and as much hope as they can.

We (and they) would really appreciate your support and if you see us along the way, give us a wave!


Richard & Benjamin

Donate to the Evelina


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