Creatives: From Scotland's Landscape to You

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 robertmichaellovell Global Crag Moderator 06 Mar 2023

Creatives is a digital publication of writing and visual art that exists to showcase the breadth of experiences and perspectives inspired by Scotland’s landscapes. It is a celebration of the country’s natural beauty, its stories and myths, people and communities. Our aim is to collaborate with anyone who has found meaning in the outdoors and to help them realise their artistic vision.

It has become clear that Creatives offers something unique: a free-access platform which is also free to submit to and reaches a wide variety of subscribers. Since February last year we've published 26 pieces of work from 20 regions of Scotland spanning poetry, fiction, nonfiction and art.

If you love writing and art, and love Scotland, why not take a look? We are always open to submissions and, if you sign up to the newsletter, you'll receive a brand new piece of writing or art every two weeks.

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 Bob Kemp 08 Mar 2023
In reply to robertmichaellovell:

There is some excellent work here, both visual and written. I particularly enjoyed Bethan Nadin's paintings and Bridget Hargreave's account of her father's artistic and outdoor life.

OP robertmichaellovell Global Crag Moderator 14 Mar 2023
In reply to Bob Kemp:

Thanks for the feedback, I’m pleased to hear you enjoyed a browse through.

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