FOUND: Cam at Stoney (Electric Quarry)

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 Jake Phillips 09 May 2024

Found a cam yesterday, 8th May, at Stoney (Electric Quarry).

Message me with the details (e.g. make, size and any marking details) and we can find a way to get it to you.

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 Graeme Hammond 13 May 2024
In reply to Jake Phillips:

Hi Jake 

I'm hoping this is my cam.  I visited Electric quarry after work on Sunday 5th and again Tuesday 7th after work and think I lost my Black diamond large green #6 cam on one of those visits. It should have black electrical tape (may be hard to see on the dark stem) & stripy green and yellow earth tape on both the stem of the cam and on the green BD karabiner.

if this is the cam you found as per my thread ( beer tokens or a mountain rescue donation are available for your kindness. I live in Sheffield but work in the peak district, if your profile is correct you are also local which will make collection easier.

OP Jake Phillips 17 May 2024
In reply to Graeme Hammond:

Hey Graeme. 

Sorry for the delay in seeing your message and getting back to you - I'm abroad at the mo with rubbish signal/internet. 

Yep, that's the cam I found. I'm sheff based and work out of Hathersage so should be simple enough to get it back to you. Only snag is that I'm abroad until the 26th. Happy to arrange a way to get back to you asap upon my return. 




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