NEW ROUTE CARD: The round of Gasgale Gill

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Leaving Hopegill Head en route to Whiteside, 4 kbLakeland is bristling with ‘horseshoe’ walks with many tending towards the rambling all day variety. This unfashionable round which tackles the hills enclosing secretive Gasgale Gill is perfect for a shorter day, and after an inauspicious start rewards baggers with three Wainwrights building to a fine climax with a traverse of one of the best walker’s ridges in the entire national park. If that’s not enough to tempt you then add sumptuous views of lake, valley and mountain to the mix for a walk of rare quality. Go there now!

6.39 miles, 10.28 km, 1,037m ascent, 4 – 6 hours. Keswick, Cockermouth

 Wesley Orvis 02 Nov 2011
In reply to Nicholas Livesey:

Thanks very much, i think i will do this route this weekend as i still have Whiteside to tick off, but i think i will go up Grasmoor via Lorton Gully the grade 3 scramble just to make it into a full day out. Once again thanks for sharing these routes.
In reply to Wesley Orvis: You're welcome Wesley, I haven't done Lorton Gully yet but it's on my to do list! I'd love to know how you get on
 Ridge 02 Nov 2011
In reply to Nicholas Livesey:

It's a nice route. I'd tend to say do it anti clockwise, as the drop down from Whiteside is hard on the knees, (it is at my age, anyway)...
 Wesley Orvis 06 Nov 2011
In reply to Nicholas Livesey:

Would just like to say thank you very much, completed this route today in perfect summer conditions, was even treated to a cloud inversion and morning frost with blue sky allday, yes in November.
I have done Grasmoor before but never over to White Side always abonding it for the Wandope-Rannerdale Knots descent.
Didn't manage Lorton Gully as was too greasey from past rain fall, but moved together over some grade 2/3 terrain on the crags under Grasmoor End and had one of them days you only get a few times a year, the ridge over White Side is definately one of the best in Lakeland all in all had a classic ridge walk with some great scrambling. (be warned though the rock on Grasmoor is extremely shattered and very brittle with loose blocks everywhere)
Anyway sorry for the lecture but keep em coming!!!
In reply to Wesley Orvis: Wesley, I'm sick with jealousy as I have been stuck in the flatlands for a few weeks now and your day sounds just wonderful. Lorton Gully awaits us both then!

It's really gratifying to know that folk are reading the route cards and in some cases using them as inspiration so thank you very much for posting.

I'm working on a new batch so watch this space!

Thanks again

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