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NEW ROUTE CARD: Snowdon's quiet side - The round of Cwm Clogwyn

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On Bwlch Main, 3 kbSnowdon isn’t short of great walking routes to its crowded summit, but if you think they are all infested with other folk you can think again. A round of lonely Cwm Clogwyn ascending the superb Rhyd Ddu path followed by a descent of the Ranger gives you the rare opportunity to exercise your more misanthropic tendencies on one of the most popular mountains in Britain. Giving wonderful views from the off this is a walk to savour and one to which you will no doubt return...you may never roam the Pyg Track again!

9.18 miles, 14.77 km, 948m ascent, 6 – 7:30 hours. Caernarfon, Llanberis

Read more at http://www.ukhillwalking.com/logbook/r/?i=275
In reply to Nicholas Livesey:

Totally agree to staying on that side of the mountain. At the last meet in December, we went along from the car park up to Yr Aran, back down and then up the ridge which had quite a bit of snow at about 800m and then if you're not expecting it, a wee bit of exposure made worse by the wee bit of ice that was there.

Then from the summit, down the same way to then pick up the Rhyd Ddu path back to the car park. Great day out and hardly anyone around. Thoroughly recommended even if you are an out of shape stay at home dad and you were blowing out of your arse!
 Andy Mountains 19 Jan 2012
In reply to Nicholas Livesey:

A very clear description of an excellent route, one of the best walking days Snowdonia has to offer in my opinion.

Re your comment:
'However, before you get there the map may tempt you with a cross country route which cuts out the final couple of miles of road walking..'
This is a very interesting end to the walk taking you through some fascinating disused quarry workings & over the top of slag heaps. As you say though, navigation can be slightly more problematic than a standard 'path', especially if in very low cloud.

Looking forward to your next route card Mr.L!
 Mike Peacock 19 Jan 2012
In reply to Andy Mountains: Agreed. The path is hard to follow but (from memory) am I not correct in thinking there are occasional way markers?
In reply to Mike Peacock:

We lost the path at some point so followed the line of the stream which eventually leads you back to the better maintained path.

Didn't see any markers, what would they look like Mike?
 Banned User 77 19 Jan 2012
In reply to Mike Peacock: Its fine.. its marked by marker posts.. its getting more eroded now so easier to follow. The only time its slightly tricky is in the quarry but that's because you suddenly climb again...

But its a must for the horseshoe.. makes it far more enjoyable and a more natural cicruit..
 Banned User 77 19 Jan 2012
In reply to Denni: wooden posts...
 Banned User 77 19 Jan 2012
In reply to IainRUK: Also... the Ranger path follows the track.. not the legal bridleway.. isn't that one of the classic NPA screw ups..
 Ramblin dave 19 Jan 2012
In reply to Nicholas Livesey: Nice route, and yes, it's much nicer than the Pyg!

Also, this gives me my second chance this week to say how awesome the cafe in Rhyd Ddu is.
 Banned User 77 19 Jan 2012
In reply to Ramblin dave: forgot to mention that.. lovely pancakes and coffee.. I reckon its the best cafe in Snowdonia.
 Mike Peacock 19 Jan 2012
In reply to Ramblin dave: Also better than paying the ridiculous prices in the Cwellyn Arms!

This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.