Polartec 200 jacket recommendation, slim cut

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 alex_th 10 May 2023

Can anybody recommend me a Polartec 200 jacket which I can buy new? I would like:

  • slim cut (I am 5' 10" and about nine and a half stone)
  • square shoulders (i.e. not raglan sleeves)

Berghaus Prism looked good on the Berghaus web site, but when I ordered it it turned out to be way too baggy around the middle - as if cut for someone of my height and general build but with a huge belly. So, no Berghaus Prism.

What I don't want:

  • soft shell jacket which rustles when new and looks stretched and old after a couple of years
  • "knitted-look" fleece which looks old and bobbly after a couple of years

What I would really like is the same Salewa jacket again which I bought many (18) years ago, but Salewa, like most manufacturers now, has stopped making traditional Polartec fleece jackets.

In reply to alex_th:

Screwfix?? sports direct, and all number of retailers sell brands and no brand name jackets.

If you look around you can often find jackets that are close to identical to branded polartec fabrics (Malden Mills) in a good outdoor jacket (especially some of Karrimor ones) for the £20-40. Karrimor use Polartec in many of their products. It's like time travel to how fleece jackets used to be and how they used to cost 30 years ago.

Treat them with some Nikwax "polar proof" and all is good!

Edit: I bought one of these from Sports Direct super cheap, reduced way below the RRP you see in the link and despite it has "KS-300" embroidered on a sleeve it is 200 thickness. 

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OP alex_th 11 May 2023
In reply to CantClimbTom:

Super, many thanks for the tip. Looks like just what I am looking for. I have just ordered now.

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