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Lucy hopes she'll be the first female president of many  © Kirstie Smith

2020 - Landmarks of the Mountain Year

The Ghosts Above  © Sony Alpha

Fri Night Vid The Ghosts Above

The Tea Round  © George Fisher

Video The Tea Round - Running the Fells from George Fisher

Having a sunset play on the North ridge of Tryfan after a successful day on Grooved Arete.   © Jake Webb

International Mountain Day - Photo Special

Winter - massive rewards, but a lot of hazard and challenge too. Have you got the skills, gear and knowhow?  © Dan Bailey

Think Winter, say Scottish Outdoor Groups

A chilly night at Everest Base Camp.  © Scott_M@c

Everest 0.86m Higher than Previously Calculated, Nepal and China Agree

Doug Scott at the Climbers' Club dinner in 2009  © Mick Ryan

Newsflash Doug Scott dies aged 79

Kendal Mountain Festival 2020 Film Awards  © Kendal Mountain Festival

2020 Kendal Mountain Festival Film Awards