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Climb every starred HVS route (Stanage - the Definitive Guide 2007)

Cue, Stanage Plantation  © caradoc
Cue, Stanage Plantation
© caradoc, May 2015

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Top 12 photos of this hilllist

The break of BAW's Crawl

BAW's Crawl
The break of BAW's Crawl
© GHawksworth

old salt , stanage

Old Salt
old salt , stanage
© Nadir khan


© Nadir khan

Grant on surgeon's saunter.

Surgeon's Saunter
Grant on surgeon's saunter.
© Dave Emms

Bridging up to a rest

Goliath's Groove
Bridging up to a rest
© greg_may_

Connor Read finishing up on Goliath's Groove, HVS 5a.

Goliath's Groove
Connor Read finishing up on Goliath's Groove, HVS 5a.

DaveC enjoying The Right Unconquerable start to finish

The Right Unconquerable
DaveC enjoying The Right Unconquerable start to finish
© ChrisJD

Dan contemplating what to do next on Goliaths Groove, HVS 5a

Goliath's Groove
Dan contemplating what to do next on Goliaths Groove, HVS 5a
© Oliver Buxton

The Dalesman

The Dalesman
The Dalesman
© jim jones

One last route

One last route
© Sam W

Andy on Kelly's Overhang

Kelly's Overhang
Andy on Kelly's Overhang
© skittles

Leanne leading Surgeon's Saunter at Stanage End, 70 years after the F.A. by Peter Biven.

Surgeon's Saunter
Leanne leading Surgeon's Saunter at Stanage End, 70 years after the F.A. by Peter Biven.
© Si Witcher

Add Climb name Grade Ticks? Height Crag name
Old Salt HVS 5a *** 883 10m Stanage North
Surgeon's Saunter HVS 5b *** 596 18m Stanage North
Valediction HVS 5a * 510 8m Stanage North
Microbe f5+ *** 293 6m Stanage North
Sceptic HVS 5b * 117 12m Stanage North
Terrazza Crack HVS 5b *** 1017 12m Stanage North
Don's Delight E1 5b * 133 8m Stanage North
Left-hand Tower HVS 5a * 106 16m Stanage North
Pacemaker HVS 5a * 68 16m Stanage North
Right-hand Tower HVS 5a *** 740 16m Stanage North
Second Sister VS 4c * 432 10m Stanage North
Perforation HVS 5b * 416 8m Stanage North
Bottomless Crack HVS 5a 21 ? Stanage North
Exodus HVS 5a * 483 10m Stanage North
Deuteronomy E1 5b ** 307 10m Stanage North
Leviticus HVS 5b * 219 10m Stanage North
Puss HVS 5c * 52 ? Stanage North
Quantum Crack HVS 5a ** 735 10m Stanage North
Travesties HVS 5b ** 492 8m Stanage North
The Knutter HVS 5b ** 740 10m Stanage North
The Blurter HVS 5b *** 850 22m Stanage North
Kelly's Overhang E1 5c *** 1143 16m Stanage North
Sogines HVS 5b * 291 ? Stanage North
High Neb Edge HVS 5c ** 340 20m Stanage North
The Dalesman HVS 5a * 376 22m Stanage North
Titanic Direct HVS 5a *** 254 12m Stanage North
Prairie Dog HVS 5b * 108 6m Stanage North
Sinew Stretch E1 5c * 39 ? Stanage North
Genesis HVS 5a * 149 ? Stanage North
Reach for the Sky HVS 5b * 28 8m Stanage North
Time and Tide HVS 5b 22 6m Stanage North
Motor Mile HVS 5c * 9 7m Stanage North
Count's Wall E1 5b * 288 16m Stanage Plantation
The Anomalous Snail HVS 5c * 90 9m Stanage Plantation
Kitkat VS 5a * 112 ? Stanage Plantation
Protractor HVS 5b 37 8m Stanage Plantation
The Amazing Harry Greystoke II HVS 5b 89 6m Stanage Plantation
Outlook Buttress HVS 5b * 37 10m Stanage Plantation
Goliath's Groove HVS 5a *** 2484 22m Stanage Plantation
Pullover VS 5b * 238 ? Stanage Plantation
Woolly Pully f6A+ * 49 8m Stanage Plantation
Fina HVS 5b ** 649 16m Stanage Plantation
Tower Crack HVS 5b ** 296 24m Stanage Plantation
Tower Face HVS 5a ** 1336 26m Stanage Plantation
Overhanging Crack HVS 5a * 87 10m Stanage Plantation
Pegasus Rib HVS 5a * 409 12m Stanage Plantation
Overhanging Wall HVS 5a ** 757 14m Stanage Plantation
Parasite HVS 5a * 629 12m Stanage Plantation
Billiard Buttress HVS 5a ** 846 20m Stanage Plantation
Cue HVS 5b ** 438 22m Stanage Plantation
Ritornel E1 5b * 111 14m Stanage Plantation
The Little Unconquerable HVS 5a * 386 10m Stanage Plantation
The Right Unconquerable HVS 5a *** 3586 16m Stanage Plantation
The Watch-Tower E2 5b 33 12m Stanage Plantation
The Groper HVS 5a ** 187 12m Stanage Plantation
Dover's Wall, Route 2 HVS 5a ** 1028 12m Stanage Popular
BAW's Crawl HVS 5a *** 1261 10m Stanage Popular
Pedlar's Arête HVS 5b * 567 10m Stanage Popular
Pedlar's Slab HVS 5c ** 828 10m Stanage Popular
Butcher Crack HVS 5b ** 528 12m Stanage Popular
Greengrocer Wall HVS 5c * 442 10m Stanage Popular
Second Wind E1 5c * 66 12m Stanage Popular
Swings E1 5c ** 149 10m Stanage Popular
The Scoop HS 4b 3 11m Ladybower Quarry
10 e, 96 stars 30,015 713m 64
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