General view of Dovedale Groove area, Dove Crag. 1970.
© Tony Marr, Jul 1970

More Neglected Lakeland Gems ticklist

contributed by C Witter Feb/21

Inspired by this ticklist:


Based on this thread:


E2 and below with less than 100 ticks. Only scratching the surface, obviously. Some are obscure, some are three star classics with very few ticks. Maybe don't overthink it..?

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Note: Only showing summits, scrambles, winter routes, and low grade climbs

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Add Climb name Grade Ticks? Height Crag name
Ken's WallVS 4c *1424mCalf Howe Crag
Kentmere SlabVD *633mCalf Howe Crag
The MinotaurHVS 4a **13?Buckbarrow Crag
The Hog's BackHVS 5a **9530mBuckbarrow Crag
The ClangersHVS 5a **66?Buckbarrow Crag
Express CrackE1 5b **7430mBuckbarrow Crag
Ferrous ButtressHVS 4c 181m• 3Iron Crag
Granolithic GrooveE1 5b **105?Iron Crag
SolidarityE1 5b **57?Iron Crag
Scabby HorseVS 5a *99?Gouther Crags
Angel's HighwayE1 5b **78?Castle Rock of...
Red DwarfE1 5b ***22?Nab Crag
City of Love and AshesE1 5a **354m• 2Lining Crag
Jude the ObscureE1 5b *7?Thrang Crags
Far from the Madding CrowdE2 5b **20?Thrang Crags
GrendelVS 4b ***39?Scrubby Crag
BeowulfVS 4c **39?Scrubby Crag
HrothgarHVS 5a **9?Scrubby Crag
Westmorland's RouteS *55?Dove Crag (Dovedale)
HangoverHVS 5a **39?Dove Crag (Dovedale)
Dovedale GrooveE1 5b **56?Dove Crag (Dovedale)
Cloud WalkerE1 5b **948m• 2Shelter Crags
Pleasure ZoneE1 5b ***3446m• 2Shelter Crags
ShowtimeE1 5b **2876m• 4Shelter Crags
PanjandrumE1 5b ***3963m• 3Shelter Crags
MoonstruckE1 5b **460m• 2Shelter Crags
Sword of DamoclesE1 5b **48?North...
Right-hand WallVS 4c **4?Bowfell
Another Grand Day OutVS 4c **1?Bowfell
Woolly JumperE1 5b ***63?Bowfell
Bowfell Buttress EliminateE2 5b **19?Bowfell
Red GrooveE1 5b *38?Pavey Ark
AquariusHVS 5a ***2949mPavey Ark
Roundabout DirectHVS 5a *13?Pavey Ark
Walking on SunshineHVS 5a **23?Bright Beck Crag
The TinkererE1 5b **10?Bright Beck Crag
CinderellaVS 4b *136m• 2Blind Tarn Crag
AminaE1 5b **45?Lightning Crag
Madam ButterflyE1 5a *1018mLittle Stand Crags
Custers Last StandE2 5c **721mLittle Stand Crags
Eliminate BHVS 5a *35?Dow Crag
CharmerHVS 5a 12?Dow Crag
Copper DragonE1 5b **1891m• 5Great How Crag
A Quick OneE1 5b **2420mPen
White WaterE2 5c **2426mTroutal Gorge,...
Scenic CruiseHVS 5a ***340mBoat Howe Crags
Smuggler's ChimneyVS 4c ***237m• 2Gable Crag
Close to the WindE1 5b **26?Kern Knotts
The KrakenE1 5b **2635mKern Knotts
West Buttress Eliminate SuperdirectE1 5b **2130mKern Knotts
Pier of the RealmVS 5a **623mPiers Gill Crag
Wind Beneath My WingsE1 5a *323mPiers Gill Crag
VictorHVS 5a *240mRound How
RondoMVS 4b *124mRound How
Railton SpecialE1 5b *542mRound How
Taylor MadeVD *5?• 15Taylor Gill Slab
Walla Crag GullyVD 1050m• 4Walla Crag
White ButtressVS 4b 959m• 3Walla Crag
SupercrackE1 5b *135mGarrotte Buttress
Bowderstone Pinnacle (Super-direct Start)HVS 5a **25?• 3Bowderstone Crags
ZoarE1 5b **32?Castle Crag
IrrawaddyHVS 5a **25?Castle Crag
No Holds BarredE2 5b *23?Great End Crag
Segeant's Crag Gully (summer)S ***46170m• 4Sergeant Crag
Walk Under LaddersE1 5b **20?Sandbed Ghyll Crags
Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now!E1 5b *2222mHeron Crag...
Flamingo FandangoE1 5b **26?Heron Crag...
The QuestionE2 5c ***1728mHeron Crag...
AutopsyE1 5b **17?Eagle Crag...
Where Eagle's DareE2 5c ***36?Eagle Crag...
The SquawkE2 5b *17?Eagle Crag...
Summit RouteMS *61?Raven Crag, Combe...
Face the MusicE1 5b *3030mYew Crags
Mark Of ZorroE1 5b **1730mYew Crags
SubstituteE2 5c **79?Yew Crags
Hearth DirectE2 5c ***71?Yew Crags
The Buckstone GirdleVS 5a *1?Buckstone How
Newlands GullyS *-160m• 4Miners Crag
JezebelVS 4c **2342m• 2Miners Crag
Miners' GirdleVS 4c *4324m• 16Miners Crag
BathshebaE1 5c ***739m• 2Miners Crag
Dale Head PillarMVS 4a *580m• 4Dale Head Crag
Paper TigerVS 4c *3?Green Crag
The WrayE1 5b **4?Green Crag
Nebuchanezzar's DreamE1 5b **30?High Crag
Close ShaveE1 5b **20?High Crag
PsychoE2 5c **26?High Crag
Fifth AvenueVS 4c *7?Eagle Crag...
CarnivalE1 5b **30?Eagle Crag...
Crazy DiamondHVS **525mRaven Crag...
EmperorE1 5b ***9?Raven Crag...
MetamorphosisE1 5b ***233mRaven Crag...
Walker's GullyMVS 4c ***7?Pillar
Thanatos/ElectronHVS 5b ***1156m• 7Pillar
Pillar of SaltE1 5c **1?Pillar
Steeple ButtressS 15160m• 6Steeple
The Dolorous StrokeE1 5b 190m• 4Haskett Buttress
ImagineE1 5b ***57?Buckbarrow, Wasdale
The MysteronHVS 5b **79?Buckbarrow, Wasdale
Needless EliminateE1 5b **71?Buckbarrow, Wasdale
67 e, 179 stars2,5272,633m• 178
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