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England's Furth Munros, Corbetts & Grahams. ticklist

contributed by kitP Apr/17

If you combine the four 'furth' Munros in England (Ill Crag /Broad Crag are just 'furth tops' really) with the hills that are over 2500ft and have 500ft prominence (would be Corbetts in Scotland) and the hills from 2499 -2000ft with 150m of prominence (would be Grahams in Scotland) then you get a list of 52 hills spread across the Lake District, Yorkshire Dales, Howgills, Cheviots, Northern Pennines, Peak District and Dartmoor

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Add Hill name GradeTicks? Height County
Scafell Pikesummit 1590978mCumbria
Sca Fellsummit 590964mCumbria
Helvellynsummit 1834950mCumbria
Skiddawsummit 783931mCumbria
Great Gablesummit 877899mCumbria
Cross Fellsummit 91893mCumbria
Pillarsummit 41892mCumbria
Fairfieldsummit 889873mCumbria
Blencathrasummit 1019868mCumbria
Grasmoorsummit 345852mCumbria
St. Sunday Cragsummit 596841mCumbria
High Streetsummit 630825mCumbria
The Cheviotsummit 147815mNorthumberland
High Stilesummit 454806mCumbria
The Old Man of Conistonsummit 963803mCumbria
Kirk Fellsummit 343802mCumbria
Grisedale Pikesummit 441791mCumbria
Mickle Fellsummit 23788mCounty Durham
Red Screessummit 410776mCumbria
Stony Cove Pikesummit 324763mCumbria
High Raisesummit 498762mCumbria
Dale Headsummit 473753mCumbria
Burnhope Seatsummit 32746mCounty Durham
Robinsonsummit 385737mCumbria
Seat Sandalsummit 262736mCumbria
Whernsidesummit 425736mNorth Yorkshire
Ingleboroughsummit 590723mNorth Yorkshire
Great Shunner Fellsummit 70716mNorth Yorkshire
Knottsummit 181710mCumbria
Wild Boar Fellsummit 66708mCumbria
Pike of Bliscosummit 534705mCumbria
Great Whernsidesummit 130704mNorth Yorkshire
Buckden Pikesummit 118702mNorth Yorkshire
Pen-y-ghentsummit 552694mNorth Yorkshire
Seatallansummit 165692mCumbria
Great Coumsummit 63687mCumbria
Baugh Fell - Tarn Rigg Hillsummit 29678mCumbria
The Calfsummit 112676mCumbria
Great Knoutberry Hillsummit 44672mCumbria
Rogan's Seatsummit 27672mNorth Yorkshire
Dodd Fell Hillsummit 44668mNorth Yorkshire
Fountains Fellsummit 75668mNorth Yorkshire
Tarn Cragsummit 174664mCumbria
Nine Standards Riggsummit 54662mCumbria
Place Fellsummit 298657mCumbria
Harter Fellsummit 257653mCumbria
Yarlsidesummit 41639mCumbria
Kinder Scoutsummit 436636mDerbyshire
Cold Fellsummit 31621mCumbria
High Willhayssummit 131621mDevon
Birks Fellsummit 45610mNorth Yorkshire
Calf Topsummit 25609mCumbria
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