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A loop of the hills around Edale, this classic challenging hill round takes in some of the most spectacular views of the Peak District, from the lifelike gritstone boulders of the Woolpacks on the Kinder Plateau, and the panoramic views from Win Hill, to the expanse of the Hope Valley from Mam Tor. The route visits several summits, including an optional leg to the top of Kinder Scout, and finishes along the famous Great Ridge between Mam Tor and Lose Hill.

Nearing the end with Mam Tor behind © Nick Brown - UKC  © Nick Brown - UKC
Nearing the end with Mam Tor behind © Nick Brown - UKC
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SK1724084090 Hope is one of the possible starting points, and most logical in terms of making the route circular. Head down Bowden Lane and follow the road around to meet Twitchell Farm. Slog up the steep side of Win Hill and tick off the summit before turning around and heading northeast to Kinder. Follow big tracks alongside Hope Woodlands before turning east at Crookstone Hill.
On the way up Crookstone Hill  © Nick Brown - UKC
On the way up Crookstone Hill
© Nick Brown - UKC

SK1466788255 From the top of Crookstone Hill, begin the traverse towards Kinder Scout via a long path underneath the Druid Stone and over to Ringing Roger where it's possible to drop down into Edale for an alternative finish.

SK1180187690 Continue along the edge of the plateau, crossing over the top of the stunning gritstone outcrop of Upper Tor. From here, cross over Grinds Brook and head south towards the picturesque viewpoint of Grindslow Knoll.
The wind swept gritstone outcrop of Upper Tor  © Nick Brown - UKC
The wind swept gritstone outcrop of Upper Tor
© Nick Brown - UKC

SK1090986846 From Grindslow Knoll, continue along the well worn track and head through the Woolpack Boulders - a collection of wonderful naturally sculpted gritstone formations that can resemble faces and animals on a foggy day. Take care to find the least boggy section, otherwise you'll be up to your waist! For the summit baggers, it's possible to nip north and tick off Kinder Scout before waypoint 5.
The Woolpack Boulders  © Adrian Berry
The Woolpack Boulders
© Adrian Berry

SK0816386785 Gradually begin to head south along a mixture of decent footpaths before it turns to large paving slabs over Brown Knoll. From here, you'll see down towards Edale on one side and into Chapel-en-le-Frith on the other.

SK0998783452 Head away from the large track and follow a wall over the moor. After 500m you will reach a fence which you follow until you regain a larger path.

SK1061983194 Follow the large path along the stunning ridgeline of Lord's Seat, taking time to appreciate the views across to Kinder. Once you reach the road, head up the steep hill to the summit of Mam Tor.

SK1278683638 From the summit of Mam Tor, follow a mixture of slabs and large paths along the ridge to Back Tor and eventually Lose Hill. Take the steep grassy path off the back of Lose Hill and rejoin the road to return to the parking spot.

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