Froggatt to Black Rocks

Author Niall Grimes
Published British Mountaineering Council (2010)
ISBN 978-0-903908-09-2

Crags covered by this Guide
Derbyshire crags # climbs Rocktype Faces
Barreledge Quarry 47 Grit (quarried) ?
Baslow Edge 288 Gritstone W
Bauston Tor 39 Gritstone NE
Beeley Quarry 24 Sandstone (hard) W
Birchen Edge 327 Gritstone SW
Birchwood Quarry 31 Grit (quarried) NE
Black Garden 51 Gritstone W
Black Rocks 259 Gritstone NW
Bradley Edge and Quarry 207 Gritstone N
Chasecliffe 71 Gritstone W
Chatsworth Edge 131 Gritstone NW
Clifftop Boulders 103 Gritstone W
Cratcliffe Tor 262 Gritstone all
Crich Tors 26 Gritstone E
Curbar Edge 690 Gritstone W
Dobb Edge 23 Grit (quarried) SW
Duke's Quarry 63 Grit (quarried) W
Eagle Tor 58 Gritstone all
Eastwood Rocks 126 Gritstone W
Froggatt Edge 510 Gritstone W
Gardom's Edge 427 Gritstone W
Gun Rock 18 Gritstone NW
Hall Moor Quarry 47 Grit (quarried) SE
Harland Edge 89 Gritstone SW
Harthill Quarry 77 Gritstone W
Knabb Quarry 3 Gritstone S
Leashaw Brow 40 Gritstone S
Maid Marion's Mound 11 Gritstone S
Mervyn Stutter 17 Grit (quarried) SW
Milford Crag 13 Grit (quarried) W
Rabbit Warren 29 Grit (quarried) SW
Raven Tor (Fallinge Edge) 2 Gritstone W
Ravensnest Tor 35 Gritstone NE
Robin Hood Quarries 126 Gritstone all
Robin Hood's Stride 151 Gritstone all
Rowtor Rocks 133 Gritstone all
Shining Cliff 157 Gritstone S
Stanton in the Woods 136 Gritstone NW
Stanton Moor 133 Gritstone all
Stone Edge 54 Gritstone SE
Tegness Quarries 61 Gritstone W
The Alport Stone 9 Grit (quarried) all
The Secret Garden 17 Gritstone SW
Turningstone Edge 181 Gritstone E
Upper Matlock Quarries 134 Grit (quarried) SW
White Edge 22 Gritstone W
Yarncliffe 153 Grit (quarried) SW

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