Author Mark Glaister and Pete Oxley
Published Rockfax (2021)
ISBN 1-873341-47-6



The Dorset Rockfax covers the superb sport and trad climbing in Portland, Swanage and Lulworth on the Dorset coast. This amazing area is one of the most popular sport climbing areas in the country with a huge number of routes across the grades and great appeal to climbers of all abilities. Thousands of brilliant routes and a relatively friendly climate mean that the area is always busy with climbers.

The 2021 edition of the Dorset Rockfax is the biggest Rockfax to date with 2700 routes on over 600 pages. It is a complete update of previous guides and released in print and digital at the same time. All the crags have been re-photographed using aerial photography and a new set of detailed maps created to make finding and choosing your chosen route even easier than ever.

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Dorset Rockfax (2012)
Dorset Rockfax (2005)
Dorset Rockfax (2000)
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Crags covered by this Guide
Dorset crags # climbs Rocktype Faces
Battleship Back Cliff 105 Limestone W
Battleship Edge 82 Limestone W
Beeston Cliff 84 Limestone E
Blackers Hole 82 Limestone S
Blacknor Beach 269 Limestone all
Blacknor Central 109 Limestone SW
Blacknor Far South 71 Limestone W
Blacknor North 121 Limestone W
Blacknor South 74 Limestone W
Boulder Ruckle 289 Limestone S
Cattle Troughs 108 Limestone S
Cave Hole 118 Limestone E
Cheyne Cliff 332 Limestone E
Coastguard North 60 Limestone W
Coastguard South 100 Limestone W
Cormorant Ledge 45 Limestone S
Dancing Ledge 179 Limestone S
Dungecroft Quarry 72 Limestone E
Fisherman's Ledge 133 Limestone S
Godnor 91 Limestone E
Guillemot Ledge 72 Limestone S
Hedbury 115 Limestone S
Lighthouse Area 398 Limestone all
Lost Valley 83 Limestone all
Lulworth 244 Limestone S
Neddyfields 157 Limestone E
Nicodemus Knob 37 Limestone SW
Southwell Landslips 214 Limestone all
Subluminal and Lighthouse Cliff 135 Limestone S
The Cuttings 176 Limestone SE
The New Cuttings 115 Limestone SE
The Promenade 149 Limestone S
Wallsend North 147 Limestone W
Wallsend South 134 Limestone W
White Hole 70 Limestone SW
Winspit 198 Limestone S

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The topo for these three climbs are in the incorrect places within the Rockfax 2021 guidebook and the Rockfax App Line 14: "Thin on top" should be where line 15 "Samphire and Steel" is marked. There's no bolts where this route is marked. Line 15: "Samphire and Steel" should be where line 16 is marked Line 16: "More Soap, Less Shampoo" should be further over to the right

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Lines too far left in printed Dorset. Correct now on Rockfax Digital.

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