/ NEWS: Glen Coe Skyline Race 2015 Exceeds Expectations

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UKH News 23 Aug 2015
Glen coe skyline FB image, 4 kbSaturday's inaugural Salomon Glen Coe Skyline race went down a storm. The race has brought Skyrunning to the UK for the first time, fusing mountain running with hands-on scrambling.

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keith.lambert 24 Aug 2015
In reply to UKH News:

In reply to some of the critisicm I have read, Congratulations to all the brave souls who took part in the Skyline Race, I was one of the "walkers" going up Curved Ridge and can honestly say it was great to see the runners out on the hill. We had some great chat & banter with the race marshalls en-route. We had plenty of time in the rest of the day to enjoy peace & tranquility of the glen ! The only bottlenecking we could see was higher up the ridge and by the time we were half way up all the racers had gone ahead and cleared of the ridge. The race organisation seemed 1st class with plenty of qualified marshalls with ropes and radios.
ps. If anyone has found a walking pole in the car parking area near the Lagangarbh hut let me know. Keith Lambert
heavy 24 Aug 2015
In reply to keith.lambert:

Really enjoyed the article Great to see all went well and safely in my mind it is another incredible event my mate has written a piece on it after running on my blog, some great photos of Curved Ridge. Some of today's so called Superstar sportsmen learn from these gifted and humble athletes?


This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.