/ NEWS: BMC Members' Open Forum Event and Livestream

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UKC/UKH News - on 18:09 Tue
This evening (Tuesday 15th) BMC members are invited to an Open Forum event in Manchester to debate proposed constitutional changes ahead of the AGM on 16th June. The forum will be chaired by BMC Patron Lord Greaves and attended by senior representatives from the BMC, clubs and the wider membership. For those unable to make the event, the BMC have set up a livestream, embedded below. Remote viewers will be able to submit questions to the panel via the livestream.

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Alex Messenger, BMC - on 18:32 Tue
In reply to UKC/UKH News:

Thanks for posting it. Fingers crossed here that it all works! 

If you'd like to ask a question, post it here and we'll put it to the panel. You can also tweet us @team_BMC or email

We hope to answer as many questions as possible.


Frank Cannings on 19:35 Tue
In reply to UKC/UKH News:

Watching on TV... and it's coming through clearly. Does the Tier 1 / Tier 3 debate only confuse the underlying issue which is:

Can the BMC fairly and realistically represent the extremes included within its membership? eg Mountaineers who explore and face the risks in Himalayan and Greater Ranges AND also competitive activity with indoor Athletes who pull on coloured plastic holds on overhanging plywood with minimal risk in the hope of winning a medal.

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Ian W - on 19:45 Tue
In reply to Frank Cannings:

Yes. If a suitable org structure is in place.

Frank Cannings on 20:05 Tue
In reply to UKC/UKH News:

Transmission stopped at about 8:00 pm ... showing only a big red question mark on screen .... Perhaps that's appropriate?

jim jones on 20:06 Tue
In reply to Frank Cannings:

Very apt Frank! Yes it's stopped for me too.


Alex Messenger, BMC - on 20:29 Tue
In reply to jim jones:

Hopefully back up now. 

Frank Cannings on 20:43 Tue
In reply to UKC/UKH News:

Missed a large section 8:00 to 8:30pm with just big red question mark? Will the video of the whole meeting be available ?

Kipper - on 22:33 Tue
In reply to Frank Cannings:

> Missed a large section 8:00 to 8:30pm with just big red question mark? Will the video of the whole meeting be available ?

I just rolled back to earlier and watched it through.

> Rugby doesn't have rules

> Two blokes won't get back 3 hours of their lives

> 'Tier 1' agenda item has f*cked up any progression to appropriate governance



Offwidth - on 06:33 Wed
In reply to Kipper:

Just checked through the BMC TV YouTube video of the meeting.

It runs from about 3 minutes to 45.30 with sound (no sound at the start section on my tablet) and continues from 49 minutes to the end. Those wanting to see where we ended up (with a possible compromise that might even see the Tier 1 motion withdrawn) can start watching at around 1 hour 58 minutes.

From my perspective as a Tier 3 supporter (but no SE fan), I see no problem with the compromise at all. SE seemed to be the block initially to this type of progress but now negotiation with the IG group and lawyers has seemingly progressed, we appear to be in a happier position where compromise is indeed possible. The compromise would strengthen protections for members interests (great as far as I'm concerned) with a Memorandum of Understanding between the National Council and the proposed Board (plus a few other protective tweaks). There are still lots of things to sort out before the June AGM ( legal, MOU and otherwise), but its a relief to see those involved working together for the sake of the future of the organisation.

Links to the other threads on this:

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Alex Messenger, BMC - on 10:23 Wed

In reply 

Thanks for everyone that watched. We're sorry for the loss of stream in the middle - caused by a loose HDMI cable sending the capture card crazy so we had to reboot the laptop.


Tyler - on 10:37 Wed
In reply to Alex Messenger, BMC:

Thanks for setting it up, it was a pity the camera operator wasn't able to carry on moving the camera to the person talking but I assume that's because they were also the microphone operator

Alex Messenger, BMC - on 10:56 Wed
In reply to Tyler

Yep. Moving the camera caused the HDMI cable to freak out, so we had to stop that. We know what went wrong and how to fix it for next time. 

Ed Douglas - on 14:01 Wed
In reply to Alex Messenger, BMC:

Many thanks Alex. Really useful. Thank God we seem near a resolution.

Mark Kemball - on 16:53 Wed
In reply to UKC/UKH News:

Watched it through, very happy to see constructive discussion and compromise - definately the way forward. When will the  final version of the motion be available?

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