SKILLS: 25 Tips for Safer Scrambling Without Ropes

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Scrambling on Tryfan, 3 kbScrambling is often regarded as less serious than 'proper' climbing. That's a mistake. Low grade scrambles may be too easy for ropes, but the consequences of a fall can still be high. Here's how to stay safe on the grade 1s.

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 Wry Spudding 30 Sep 2016
In reply to UKC/UKH Articles:
I would disagree with the suggested introductory routes in Point 2 "Hillwalkers should start with the classic hillwalking scrambles - the likes of the CMD Arete, Sharp Edge, the Snowdon Horseshoe or the North Ridge of Tryfan should offer plenty of excitement".
The problem with these as starting points is that they don't offer easy escape routes onto easier ground, and reversing a route can feel harder or more intimidating. On the North Ridge of Tryfan, for example, it is very easy to get into much more exposed terrain. I don't imagine Ogwen MRT would suggest Tryfan as a suitable starting point either.
 GrahamD 30 Sep 2016
In reply to Wry Spudding:

Each to their own I guess, but I'd have thought those were ideal scrambling starter routes - the main thing is they are nice and clean, not too technical and there are likely to be other folk about.

One piece of advice I'd give is try to go out with someone encourageing and experienced for the first couple of trips.
 Michael Gordon 30 Sep 2016
In reply to UKC/UKH Articles:

As ever, the best advice is to start easy and work up to trickier / more exposed scrambles as you feel comfortable. However, remarks such as it being a good idea to buy climbing gear or hire instructors prior to grade 3 or Mod are really not helpful as individual competencies vary so much. While enjoying the situations, many will find grade 1 a walk in the park, barely having to take their hands out their pockets, while others may be put off by the exposure.

And 25 'rules' of scrambling?! Come on, this is more likely to put folk off than encourage them to get out.
In reply to UKC/UKH Articles:
Something that is worth considering here is the previous experience of someone tackling a scrambling route.
I tried hillwalking then pitched rock climbing with ropes & protection and later moved onto soloing and scrambling.
I think this is a different perspective than someone who moves directly from walking to scrambling.
I had already learnt about handholds, balance, testing holds and techniques and this equipped me well for the easier scrambles. This would all be new to the scrambler who was moving from walking and thus should be tackled in progressive steps.
Removed User 01 Oct 2016
In reply to Wry Spudding:

Bollocks. NR Tryfan is an ideal first scramble.
 alan moore 01 Oct 2016
In reply to Removed User:

North ridge of Tryfan and Bristly Ridge were my second ever hill walk, after doing the Brecon Beacons a few weeks earlier. Thought it was brilliant. Had no head for heights and couldn't climb trees but would recommend scrambling over rocks to anyone....
 Bulls Crack 02 Oct 2016
In reply to UKC/UKH Articles:

No:11 Plan for the toilet well ahead'

You've got to be kidding right?

25 tips?

Start easy

Don't fall off
 Dell 02 Oct 2016
In reply to Bulls Crack:

No:26 Always wear clean underwear, in case you have an accident.
 Bulls Crack 02 Oct 2016
In reply to Dell:
Carry surely?
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