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ShaunMc on 20 Nov 2012
Anybody been to Andorra to Ski? Thinking about a trip there at the start of Feb.
What do people know about the country or more significantly likely snow conditions in early February?
The selection of pistes looks good. Youre thoughts would be appreciated!
Kipper - on 20 Nov 2012
In reply to ShaunMc:

I seem to remember having a good time - particularly watching the beginners with brandies (large) and coffee for breakfast.

Andrew Smith - on 20 Nov 2012
In reply to ShaunMc: Been few times,the slopes are well kept, and there is plenty to go at. I would expect there will be good snow in Feb, there always has been when I have been there.
The Norris - on 20 Nov 2012
In reply to ShaunMc:

I stayed for a week in early jan a few years back. We stayed in Arinsal and had the Vallnord ski pass which covers you for 3 areas i think. The 3 resorts had easily enough to keep us occupied for a week (i'd say im intermediate ish, boarding red routes and skiing blacks). The slopes were'nt too busy either, nor were the lifts (no queuing at all)

The snow was fine, bit icy in the odd place but generally just the steep bits, and all the runs were open. Apres ski was good, decent food, and enough bars and clubs to keep you entertained. We stayed with a company called Hola-Andorra, very nice apartment and a 5 min walk from the main lift. Its also not too hard to get to from barcelona airport (we hired a car there, but i think you can get transfers easily enough if youre not doing a package)

I've got no complaints about the holiday whatsoever.
Got a job rob - on 20 Nov 2012
In reply to ShaunMc: Hello, I went in Jan. It was a little short on snow, the slopes were open but that was because of snow cannons. It was good sking, I enjoyed it sking reds and black and Ceri enjoyed sking greens and blues. We did not like the fact that the Andorra does not have a smoking ban. So people smoked in the bars.
alanlgm on 20 Nov 2012 -
In reply to ShaunMc:

Have been t Andorra a couple of times arinsal/pal was great for beginners and soldeu which is great if you like more of a challenge the apre was good in both resorts although we went late march to soldeu and was skiing in 24 degrees so as you can imagine ice in the morning and slush in the afternoon.

if you can afford to book late its worth it to check the snow

all in all i would reccomend either resort
ShaunMc on 28 Nov 2012
In reply to ShaunMc:

Thanks for the info folks

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