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Why are dog walkers only friendly in the morning?

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 RedFive 22 Jan 2020

I’m lucky enough to live in Northumberland where runners say a quick hello (or at least a grimace) to each other when running. 

I( tried this once when running in London and genuinely thought the girl running the other way was going to get me arrested.)

But we all keep to our clans so it’s generally only runners to runners or bikers to bikers etc. 

Except in the morning. Out running round my town this morning (as all other mornings) every dog walker without fail said good morning.

In the evening they look at you with open hostility like I’m going to run over pooch or actively walk on one side of the path with the most hated of implements the extendable lead across the other side while they stare at their phones hoping I will trip up. 

The blackbirds were singing as dawn was breaking today and the good mornings made a very welcome start to my day. 

 tlouth7 22 Jan 2020
In reply to RedFive:

I think there is a feeling on these dark mornings that we are all fellow sufferers and so the camaraderie extends beyond our own small tribe to include anyone we meet.

I do also find the freshness of the morning walk uplifting so may be more predisposed to acknowledge other people's existence.

 graeme jackson 22 Jan 2020
In reply to RedFive:

Which town? Born and brought up in Blyth and visit my folks 3 or 4 times a year. 

 RedFive 22 Jan 2020
In reply to graeme jackson:

Cramlington, wifes from Blyth.

In reply to RedFive:

I live in North West England and although I don't tend to manage a cheery "Good Morning" during the working week, I do say Morning or Hi to all the people I meet along my walk to work, and most people respond in an amenable way.

In the opposite direction at the end of the day, I generally tend to get my head down and keep going, although there are exceptions. The return journey is problematical for a number of reasons as I see it. One thing is that I'm tired and so allow myself not to regularly bother conversing with other people, although if someone says Hi to me I do reciprocate. Another thing is that I am sometimes verbally abused on the way home, this has never happened in the opposite direction. I imagine generally that mischief occurs during the evening and night, and I think it is this that puts people on their guard in the evenings and prevents them from being more jovial.

 Shaunhaynes99 22 Jan 2020
In reply to RedFive:

 I always smile  at dog walkers and runners it very hit or miss if i get any  form of a reply. 

I nornally get up swearing at cyclists  as they insist  on cycling  uo the middle of the path at a very slow pace when they should  be in the road. 

This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.