Strava not showing GPS track.

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Is this now a premium feature?

Just logged onto Strava after doing a couple of runs, had a message that my subscription had expired, and noticed the last two runs have no GPS track of the route.

Route is showing on Garmin connect and all permissions are still enabled.

Anyone had similar?

 tlouth7 06 Jul 2021
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I can see mine (most recent from yesterday) and I am not a premium member. It's pretty much the core functionality so unlikely to be removed from the free offering.

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I had a similar issue with the GPS track not showing. I seem to have fixed it (touch wood) by turning off any power saving functionality on my phone before running.

E.g. If battery is in general power saving mode it needs to be turned off to track GPS.

I'm not saying that this will fix it, it is just what worked for me. 

Hope this helps, 

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Well I'm baffled. Logged onto the strava website and the GPS track is visible on the activity. Deleted the strava and garmin connect apps from phone and ipad, reinstalled them, reconnected them.

Still no GPS track on either the android or ipad apps.

Most odd.

This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.
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