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Point for discussion training plans/critique

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 Shaunhaynes99 31 Jan 2020

Just  as a point of  discussion as im laid up in bed for day.   id love you know how you set up your training plans for the week: 

Personally  mine looks nornally like this 

Monday: rest

Tueaday : shorter run currently 6.2-8miles 

Wednesday: strength  or climbing 

Thursday: middle  distance run currently 8-10miles 

Friday.   Curcit training but since  the arrival of my little one im starting to forgo this day so my mrs can have a lay in one day.  Plus is takes me as long to get  to the gym as i am training there. 

Saturday strenght or climbing 

Sunday long run up to half marathon ( normally  on the trails) 

Plus i make sure i do recovery  work evey evening 

In a a few weeks ill be looking to once again  step my milage up and start working towards a full marathon then hopefully  a 50km. So i expect  at that point i will need friday as a rest day as my weekly milage will be inceasing. 

 Garethza 31 Jan 2020
In reply to Shaunhaynes99:

If I have a good week thats not too busy it looks like the following:

( I am lucky to work from home and have a hill right behind my house which means i can escape during lunch for a quick ride or run)

Mon - Lunch: 30min MTB if weather is good otherwise mobility
Mon - Eve: Rest
Tues - Lunch: 5km Run uphill or 35mins flat
Tues - Eve: Climb 
Wed - Lunch: 30min MTB or Mobility
Wed - Eve: Long Hilly Run ±1.5 hrs
Thurs - Lunch - 30min MTB or Mobility 
Thurs - Eve: Climb
Fri - Lunch: 5km Run uphill or 35mins flat
Fri - Eve: Wine

Weekend: Climb / Ride / Run or a combination of all of these things weather depending obviously!

 Roadrunner6 31 Jan 2020
In reply to Shaunhaynes99:

I don't do anything but run typically these days. And struggle to have a 'norma'l week. Typically hit 65-75 miles these days. During the week I pretty consistently run before work 3-4 times in the work week, and then double up most nights. It's hard fitting training in around work and family. Last night I didn't run until 8:45 pm and so did a tired slow 10 miles and was then up at 5 am to run again, but took my daughter swimming earlier when I'd normally run.

m: Long steady 10-12 miles easish (7:00-7:30 min mile pace ideally)

t: Am: 5 miles. Pm: Track. LT work, 1-2 mile reps with 1 min/mile rest, around 4-5 miles of reps.

w: Am: 5 miles easy. pm: Evening easy trail run.

t: Am: 5 miles easy. fast session 10 x 400m type work.

f: am Sunrise snowshoe run up the local ski mountain, 3 miles, 1500 ft ascent before work. pm: Possibly another long run, depends on the weekend plans.

S: Easy long trail run. 10-12 miles.

S: Harder long road (15-20 miles) run or race.

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 Lrunner 31 Jan 2020
In reply to Shaunhaynes99:

Depending on shifts which can make or break my week, i do;

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: Tempo run with my club 1 hour, 9.5-10 miles

Wednesday: Club session 8 miles including speed work/ intervals/efforts

Thurdsday hill run 8 miles may be 500 metres of climbing

Friday: Strength and conditioning and yoga (badly)

Sat: longer run about 13 miles 500 metres climbing

Sun: rest.

Do road  biking on my rest days in the summer. Some weeks I can end up doing 60 hours at work and will do half as much. Running 4 times a week is my limit. Rehab a bit most days too if I have time. 

 Stig 31 Jan 2020
In reply to Shaunhaynes99:

Looks ok, but not specific. You should try and fit in a speed session, a tempo run and the existing long run. If I was training for a marathon I probably wouldn't do more than 40-50 miles, peaking around 55 miles. I'd do more if I could but struggle with work and family etc.

A good week for me would be something like:

M: rest

T: track session, approx 6miles

W: recovery/5miles easy [a lot of people do an easy medium long run, say 10 miles on Wed as its mid way from the weekend long run. but I don't like running long in the dark/kids' bed time]

T: tempo/medium run - 7-8 miles?

F: short recovery - 4 miles

S: morning long run with a group , 12-22 miles increasing over the weeks

S: recovery 6ish miles

Sometimes double up if I'm commuting, say run 5 miles each way to the station. Ride my bike as well which I find is really good for recovery/niggles but don't do any strength bollocks. Usually run much longer at the start of the week if I have an intermediate race on the weekend so I can fit in some rest days beforehand.

 Shaunhaynes99 31 Jan 2020
In reply to Stig:

Yeah maybe once baby is a little more older and  sleeps  longer it will free up dome time for speed  session / tempo. 

Main reason i do strenght is for my own vanity  as i really not a fan of the skinny as runners frame. Plua i cant alaway afford ro hit the indoor wall twice a week

 SouthernSteve 31 Jan 2020
In reply to Stig:

My current week is similar and doable - but no small people! Rest week every 4th week.

 Ged Desforges 01 Feb 2020
In reply to Shaunhaynes99:

If baby is a factor, get a running buggy. My daughter sleeps like a log while I run, and it gets you strong as hell on hills

 DenzelLN 01 Feb 2020
In reply to Shaunhaynes99:

Cardio? god no.

A very consistent week for me looks like..

Mon - fingerboard session/55deg board/weighted pull ups/TRX shoulders

Tues - boulders

Weds - fingerboard session/core/weighted pull ups/TRX shoulders

Thurs - uni

Fri - boulders

Sat - rest

Sun - boulders

quite often ill skip some elements or add other bits in.

 Irk the Purist 02 Feb 2020
In reply to Shaunhaynes99:

> Yeah maybe once baby is a little more older and  sleeps  longer it will free up dome time

Ha ha ha ha ha....

 Roadrunner6 02 Feb 2020
In reply to Irk the Purist:

I had this idea too. That once she was mobile it would be easier..

at 4 she does entertain herself more but needs more time doing things like swimming and skiing.

but we’ve got 2 more due in the next few months.. lots of early and late runs.

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