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Tasha 31 Jul 2019

I'm planning a trip to Font in September, been there before but never camped. Just looking for advice on temperatures and which type of sleeping bag in regard to season might be best? I'm probably going to go with down. I've made bad sleeping bag choices in the past and managed to be cold, in England.... In the Summer last year so just looking for advice to avoid that scenario again! I tend to run a little on the chilly side but not excessively. Also, I'm quite a tall woman at just under 6 foot so that might affect suggestions! 


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degibbs 31 Jul 2019
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I just googled "Fontainebleau weather september" - average low is 10 degrees. Is there something additional to this you'd need to know that will dictate your choice in sleeping bag?

For what it's worth, 4-season strikes me as overkill

Tasha 31 Jul 2019
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Dunno! That's why I'm asking. Thanks for the input. 

Jon Greengrass 31 Jul 2019
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record night time low was just 2 degrees

record night time high was 14 degrees

I don't normally decide what to pack until a couple of days before I leave because beyond a week the weather is so unpredictable.

We had a terrible nights sleep  in April 2004 at Camping Les Pres. There were clear skies and a frost overnight, we were sleeping on a conventional air mattress, under a 13 tog kingsize down duvet inside a large 6 man dome tent that had a sleeping compartment tall enough for me to stand up in(6ft). The air mattress acted like a heatsink sucking the heat out of my wife and I. Any warm air in the sleeping compartment rose above us and the cold air sank on to us leaving a frost on the duvet cover and dew on our pillows!

Now we use an insulated sleeping mat, 3/4 sleeping bags and a tent with just enough headroom to sit up in. It keeps us warm in winter and if it gets to hot in summer we can unzip the bags and open the vents on the tent.

Ian Broome 01 Aug 2019
In reply to Tasha:

Always found it pretty warm when I've been in Sept. 2/3 season would be fine I'd have thought. Take a few thermals just incase.

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marsbar 02 Aug 2019
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Personally I'd take a warmer bag, you can always unzip it if it's too hot.  Getting cold and not sleeping well is a pain.   

andyman666999 04 Aug 2019
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This ! Warmer the better. Also thermal layers as a back up. Probably overkill but it’s better to be over prepared 

In reply to Tasha:

I've been bloody freezing in font in September. It might be ok, but after that one trip I'll always be taking a down bag AND a duvet

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