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Specific question - is mpb dot com reputable?

I know plenty of others, Park, WEX, LCE, mifsuds, ffordes. I think mpb appears legit, it's just odd that they often have multiple stock of used items when they are a bit more scarce elsewhere (e.g. right now they appear to have about 15 Olympus 14-42 EZ "pancake" lenses). 
Prices seem right i.e. not suspiciously low, and their descriptions seem fair. It's just the whole "why do they have ALL those lenses?" question (and TBH the same for the camera body we are looking at)

Just trying to help a friend with a purchase. Probably will get the camera from LCE and the lens from Park, there's no saving by going to mpb but I was looking at a back-up in case LCS and Park sell those items before he manages to decide and order! MPB looks a good "chill out, don't rush" back up, with all that stock...

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I've had gear from MPB, and they've been sound... I got what it said on the tin, and they've replaced stuff without any hassle when necessary. 

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I have found them really excellent.

 Alpenglow 25 Mar 2021
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Have used MPB a few times, both buying and selling/part-ex.
No issues with them.

 nathan79 25 Mar 2021
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Another happy MPB customer here. I've bought a few lenses from them in the past 2 or 3 years.

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Thanks, that's good enough for me! I did try to do a forums search for it because questions come up a lot about this sort of thing, but I didn't get any results! Maybe I used the search function wrongly. 

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Another voice to add to the good things for MPB.

I see that your friend is looking at going with Park in the first instance, had 2nd hand gear from them too without any problems at all.

Though between the two MBP seemed more geared up for selling second hand kit; descriptions packaging etc.

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thanks. Just for clarity “going with Park” is not a decision between all the suppliers as such, it’s just that they are selling this lens at around £110, the others don’t seem to have a used one, and elsewhere (eeee-bay etc) it is more like £160-180, and I trust Park not to be flogging off a knackered duff lens for £110 😃

 Myfyr Tomos 26 Mar 2021
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Another vote for MPB. Great for buying and selling.

 Sans-Plan 26 Mar 2021
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Yep as above MPB are spot on, i sold my old Olympus M4/3 kit, couldn't have been easier.

Never bought off them but would do so without issues, i think they warranty the SH kit anyway, just be careful as if you have a look around some lenses can be got for not much more brand new than MPB's "as new" classification depending on how far way you want to buy from (US/Europe or China/Japan via drop shipping)

Don't discount eBay though, just need to be careful and check feedback, i got a Panasonic 100-300 from a guy on ebay, mint, all boxed and original packaging for £85 less than MPB wanted for the same lens

 ianstevens 26 Mar 2021
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Another vote in favour for mpb - good kit. They specialise in second hand gear - which I would guess is why they have stockpiles of stuff.

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 jethro kiernan 26 Mar 2021
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Another plus for MPB, used them a few times now, everything as described, also did a part exchange which was very painless (the value you get might not be the best but it does remove the Ebay hassle. The one time they got it wrong they dealt with it next day delivery (wrong lens hood came with the lens) and didn't dick around waiting for me to send the other item back before sending out the replacement.

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I sold all my Canon gear and bought most of my Fuji equipment from mbp. They are v good, no issues at all, and everything arrives safely packaged up.

My only minor gripe is that they sell lenses of a particular model and condition at the same price, regardless of whether they come with the original box/lenshood/case or not.

The multiple stock does look a bit odd at first glance, but lenses are often superseded by better models, and people regularly want to upgrade to the latest thing. 

I believe their returns policy is also good, though I've never had faulty gear from them that warrants sending back.

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I got my drone from MPB and so did my son. They were used but the condition was described as excellent. Both were just as good as new. 

 galpinos 26 Mar 2021
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Another happy MPB customer.....

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again, thanks all, for the reassurances that they are sound! I've let my mate know. 

 Brian 27 Mar 2021
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MPB all the way!

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