Sony rx100 issues

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 Mike-W-99 18 Jul 2018

My rx100 (original mk1) started developing an intermittent lens issue. A bit of investigation showed it was a fairly well known fault with a sensor cable getting squeezed and hairline cracks developing. A workaround involving taking pressure off of the cable got me by for a few month but now its back and it definitely looks knackered now.

Options seem to be - 

1. New cable for around a tenner. Looks a real faff to fit with soldering required.

2. New lens assembly for around 50 quid from china. Doesn't look tricky to fit, requires removal of the sensor and some ribbon cable swapping. Slightly uneasy about getting the parts shipped.

3. New camera!

Anyone experienced this before? I like the camera(got it cheap a few years ago) and can't be bothered hunting for a replacement. Mk2s suffer from the same issue apparently.

More details here, especially in the comments section.

 MrRiley 19 Jul 2018
In reply to Mike-W-99:

I would try option 2 and if that fails go option 3.


And speaking of option 3, this is pretty exciting news from Fuji:




 d_b 19 Jul 2018
In reply to MrRiley:

Potentially exciting if they have fixed their completely broken manual exposure mode.  I'm not holding my breath though.

 The Lemming 19 Jul 2018
In reply to Mike-W-99:

I'd go for option 4.

If your camera has a well known fault and its less than six years old, why not exercise your rights with the Consumer Rights Act?

I did this with a Sigma lens that I bought from Jessops years back.  It died after almost three years, when the mechanism fell apart inside the body. 

Jessops started off with the usual, sorry its out of the 12 month warranty.  They then asked if I bought an extended warranty, to which I said no.

If you stick to your guns and exercise the Consumer Rights Act, and you are patient because this can take months, you should either get the camera repaired or replaced.  Yay


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 Mike-W-99 19 Jul 2018
In reply to The Lemming:

It was already 2nd hand but barely used when I got it a few years ago (and I picked it up cheap as I think the person selling it didn’t realise it’s value)

will mull over a new lens it’s just the shipping from China that has in the past been a bit of a lottery.

 Adam Long 19 Jul 2018
In reply to Mike-W-99:

Why not send it to for a quote?

 Mike-W-99 19 Jul 2018
In reply to Adam Long:

Thanks Adam, have messaged them.

 Mike-W-99 06 Aug 2018
In reply to Adam Long:

Hi Adam, good call. They repaired it at their fixed price but given the hassle to have repaired it myself I was happy with the end result.

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 Big Lee 06 Aug 2018
In reply to Mike-W-99:

I've had this problem in the past intermittently but removing the battery and replacing it has always fixed it. I don't know why, it just has. 

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