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 Fredt 07 Feb 2018

Say I have 10,000 RAW files in a folder. (They're actually in hundreds of folders across several drives, but I could get them in one folder)

What I need is a programme that will sort these into folders based on date taken (in exif)

i.e. a Folder for every year, each with a subfolder for every month, each with a subfolder for every day.

I used to write batch files for this sort of thing, but that was in the DOS days.

Any suggestions?

 d_b 07 Feb 2018
In reply to Fredt:

If you want something free then digikam is reasonably good.

Just point it at the root directory holding all your pictures and it will find and index them.  It has all the usual tagging and other metadata handling as well.

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Stick them all on a memory stick.... then "import photos" as you would from a camera and go look in the settings - I'm fairly sure I have nothing special installed and it's the windows importer that does what you describe for me.... I think there needed some changes to preferences to get the exact folder structure you mention

 Brass Nipples 07 Feb 2018
In reply to Fredt:

Photoshop can do that.


 HeMa 07 Feb 2018
In reply to Fredt:

What you want is Lightroom... but now that they are only subscription based, best to check if you can get a cheap license for non cloud/subscription one (Egay). Just be sure the version supports your camera. (I did that, so I new have LR5... unfortunately my newest camera is not supported anymore. So I now run the pics through Adobe DNG Converter, and then import the DNGs into LR).

As well as sorting, automatically, you can also start adding tags, non destructive editing and a whole shebang of other things.

If you get irks from Adobe, some alternatives are listed here:

Due to the fact that my newest camera is not supported anymore, I'm sort of testing other tools available. None have however yet to trumped LR (even with the added step of running DNG Converter 1st). My hope is that perhaps Luminar steps up and provides...

 Fredt 08 Feb 2018
In reply to HeMa:

Thanks for responses.

I do have standalone Lightroom 6.

I have tried using this, but not yet succeeded, extremely complicated for the likes of me. I need a Dummies guide. 

It struck me as using a sledgehammer to crack a nut, hence my post seeking a simpler solution.

 HeMa 08 Feb 2018
In reply to Fredt:

Well, if you already have LR6, then that would the one I would use (provided it supports the RAWs your camera produces)....

Here's some idea on "folder" structures, and as is stated there, the default Adobe setting is just what you're after.

So what you need to do is launch LR and then Import all the Raws into the LR catalog with either Copy or Move (or Copy as DNG). That way it will copy or move all the pics into folders specified in the catalog settings (also in the import window) and unless you change the setting, then it will automatically sort the pics into folders per yearmonthday (if I recall correctly).

Lots of (free) video tutorials on the matter.

And now that you have them pics in LR, you can start using the other functions as well (keywording, bulk operations, fine tuning and rating them pics).

In reply to Fredt:

I've never used it, but this looks like it does what you want:

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