Request: Images of Snowdonia for Book Project

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 Mark Reeves Global Crag Moderator  UKH Supporter 22 Mar 2020

Hi All.

Can You Help? I am in the process of writing a new guidebook to the Mountains of Snowdonia. Obviously the publishing date is being pushed back, but I am keen to get it as close to completion as possible during this period where we should all be self-isolating/minimising social contact. I am also keen to use a variety of images from a variety of photographers, I already have some excellent contributions but always keen for more.

If you have any photos of walkers, scramblers or winter mountaineers in action or amazing landscapes from anywhere across Snowdonia then I would be interested to consider them for publication. If used full page we will pay £50 an image and you will get a free guidebook when it goes to print.

The not so small print - These images really need to be taken on a camera, not a smart phone. A decent compact camera will take good enough images, but you need to open the image and check the image is sharp and not blurred. The images generally work better if they are landscape and they need to use the rule of thirds, as centralised focal point in a landscape mean the focal point is in the central 'gutter' of the book and therefore not useable. In general the image needs to be over 8Mb if a JPEG, but if you have a raw file that is better. Don't not post the images below, but PM (personal message) me and I will send you my email if it is one or two images or a link to a dropbox folder where you can upload them.

This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.
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