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rallymania 13 Jan 2020

Morning all

Facing a decision about what lens to grab next and narrowed it down to two possibilities for now

Camera is a Sony A7m2 and i currently have the kit 28 to 70 lens and a couple of shortish primes

Now looking for something with a bit more reach so considering either the 70 to 200 f4 or the 70 to 300 f4.5 to f5.6. they are both around the same price, and i'm by no means a pro. I enjoy shooting things that fly (both man made and natural) so the extra reach of the 300mm makes sense, but i don't know if it'll be fast enough to make it easy for my amateur hands.

Anyone (and I realize this is a long shot) have any experience of either of those lenses (or similar lenses from other systems) that has any advice? 

Durbs 13 Jan 2020
In reply to rallymania:

I'm in the same-ish boat - Have a 35mm and 85mm Sony lenses, and some vintage ones too, but want something longer.

Sony lenses are pretty pricey, and only rarely come-up second hand (though if you're on the Talk Photography forums, you occasionally get lucky).

I hired the 70-200 F/4 for a trip to Canada and lover it. By repute, the F/2.8 isn't worth the extra money unless you really need the shallow DOF for portraiture. 

Part of me is leaning towards a Canon lens and an adapter as they can be picked up much cheaper second hand.

The Sigma options aren't that much cheaper than Sony ones these days.

Sorry, not much help - but some comfort in knowing you're not alone?! 


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