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FesteringSore - on 10 Jan 2017
I've just discovered Viewranger after using Memory Map for the last ten years. VR seem to cover all the areas(OS, IGN) that MM have so what do others think of Viewranger?
afx22 - on 10 Jan 2017
In reply to FesteringSore:

I've been using ViewRanger for over 6 years and find it indispensable.

It's been great for hiking, scrambing, road cycling and when drive, e.g. when trying get to a new crag. I've bought loads of OS Maps at 1:50,000 and 1:25,000 over the years. It's easy to use because I've been using OS mapping since I was a kid.

Strain on the phone battery has improved massively over the years. That was previously a constraint but isn't anymore. On multi-day camping / hiking trips and do need to manage power, so I use an external (Brunton) battery. I ensure I've fully charged before setting off on each hike.

Only downsides are that they sometimes 'update' it with updates I don't need and that can mean I have to re-learn the app on occasion. Also, I prefer the old app icon.
Neil Williams - on 10 Jan 2017
In reply to FesteringSore:

Not used either, but the OS Maps subscription is very cheap (about 25 quid a year I think) and you now can download maps for offline use in the app, if that's of any help.
Welsh Kate - on 10 Jan 2017
In reply to FesteringSore:

Have used both Memory Map and Viewranger for years. As afx says, the updates on Viewranger can be a pita, especially the most recent one with the mountain identifier gizmo. I don't need or want that, and it seems to be that which means it's a lot longer running up now. Viewranger customer service is legendary. I emailed them once at about 23:10 on a Friday night about a problem, expecting to get a reply early the next week. I had a reply 10 minutes later with the solution!

Viewranger is brilliant for those 'where am I?' moments, and for quick planning on the hoof, but when I'm route-planning at home, I prefer to use Memory Map on a 'proper' computer. This may be because I'd had MM first so am used to the way it works, but I find it much easier to plot routes on MM than Viewranger.

Viewranger eats batteries and though it's better now, it's still quite demanding on phone / tablet power. You can always download it and have a play
Only a hill - on 10 Jan 2017
In reply to Welsh Kate:

On the other hand, I've found the new SkyLine feature to be genuinely useful on occasion. I do wish you could reconfigure the permanent SkyLine button to something else if required, though.

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