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Climbing books for kids

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 mattsccm 17 Nov 2020

Can anyone recommend any non fiction adventure books for kids. Something like a simplified, cleaned up version of something gripping. I know there is a version of Touching the Void but can't find out what its actually like.  

Something suitable for mature 11 year olds that I can read to the class. 

 Doug 17 Nov 2020
In reply to mattsccm:

there are some books written for kids (not sure what ages) by Catherine Destivelle but in French, eg L'escalade tu connais ? & L'apprenti alpiniste: l'escalade, l'alpinisme et la montagne expliqués aux enfants. Maybe as part of a French lesson ?

 waitout 17 Nov 2020
In reply to mattsccm:

I read Feeding the Rat at 14 and recall finding it engrossing which would imply an easy read at that age (having read it since, it is an easy read overall). Certainly gripping in the climbing bits, and inspiring overall as a tale of friendship and life in general. Doesn't centre on the arduous stuff like some books do. I know it was a very positive influence on me as a teenager, not all things around me were, and the tales of the book directly influenced many of the good decisions I made. The actual parts about Mo's life philosophy - the feeding the rat stuff - are a lot more life affirming and authentically sage-like than much of the drivel kids/young adults have directed at them by comfortable, well fed celebrities. I'd argue that Touching the Void, Savage Mountain type stuff sends a dubious message to kids. Ask them a week later and they'll recall the dramatic, harrowing stuff over the rest. You'll probably put more kids off a healthy pursuit like climbing than turn them onto it. I know many people who's first reaction to climbing is incredulity stemming directly from Touching the Void. 

I have an 8 year old who I occasionally read out bits to, and get interesting feedback from. Having a climber read it too will add much more depth to some of the questions the kids are bound to ask.

Kids now too are staring into a world where travel is not a guaranteed choice in their perceivable futures. Gotta keep that flame alive.

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 druridge 18 Nov 2020
In reply to mattsccm:

'Famous five do gritstone' ?

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