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 Anhub 10 Aug 2021

We live on the corner of two quiet roads but have no off road parking. On the corner outside our gate is a path and then a strip of grass next to the road, which the council mow occasionally.

we do park on the grass every now and then but thinking whether we can use it more permanently ?

Any idea if we need permission from the council to do this?

Also if we did use it more permanently any ideas what would be a cheap solution to lay on the grass to stop it diggings up?

 colinakmc 11 Aug 2021
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No idea about the legal bit (whose land, etc etc) but I’ve seen something like this used in a field that was used for parking:

No connection with the company and I’m sure a bit more searching would come up with loads of alternatives.

In reply to Anhub:

You would need to find out who owns it and ask their permission.  If it's the Council, it will probably be declined (though they might possibly offer to sell it to you?)

If they did sell it to you (not that likely) you'd then need to pay for a dropped kerb.

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 Anhub 12 Aug 2021
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Thanks both - definitely the council who own it so will chat with them

 NathanP 12 Aug 2021
In reply to colinakmc:

Our neighbour has put something similar to that on his front grass (I don't think even he would claim the title of lawn for it) and it seems to have worked really well. It quickly became virtually invisible and seems to do a good job of protecting the ground against both cars parking on it and the badgers that were rampaging down our street vandalising all the other grass areas.

 Trangia 12 Aug 2021
In reply to NathanP:

Does parking there obstruct the vision splays for the road junction? If so, you may have a battle on your hands getting any permission.

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