/ BMC fund for the Climbing Industry / Workers?

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dry 25 Mar 2020

Given that the climbing industry is - like most others - going to be taking a bit hit, what would people think of asking the BMC and/or major Climbing/Outdoors companies about a fund to help the recovery?

Gyms, small guiding businesses, and independent outdoors instructors may well go out of business without access to the right grants or loans, and the 80% furlough pay hasn't been clarified completely yet.

Gyms faced with the prospect of paying staff and rent for 3+ months, as well as the slow recovery on membership and day pass uptake could well choose to close for good now instead of bleeding money for an indefinite time.

The arts industry has a couple of big funds that are being distributed shortly - the Arts Council and Netflix. I know we are nothing like them, but for the sake of keeping our industry alive this could be an idea to promote.

Personally I instruct at a gym that closed a few days before the total shutdown. Before then we were trying to keep everything as safe as possible - but still at risk. A couple of days ago we were in doing work to try and gain a bit of income for the business but now can't even do that.

I'm faced with an uneasy future, most likely having to work in supermarkets where I will inevitably get the virus and be stuck on the tiny SSP allowance at some point. I'm losing the community that I love and the only gym in the area, and faced with not being able to pay rent or buy food if the absolut worst happens to my current employer and they can't pay the wages I was expecting.

What does everyone think? I know the BMC isn't a mega-corporation, but larger companies like North Face, Black Diamond could maybe be convinced?

Offwidth 25 Mar 2020
jimtitt 25 Mar 2020
In reply to dry:

The BMC represents the interests of climbers. Climbing walls, the outdoor equipment industry and outdoor education all have their own bodies to support their particular branches. The concept that for example TNF are sitting on a huge heap of cash to hand out to all and sundry and aren't actually trying to work out how to survive four or five years of recession is breathtaking anyway.


This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.