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colinakmc - on 17 Dec 2012
Right. So after 30 odd years of map & compass I've just got a Garmin Etrex 10 as a birthday pressie, I think I can work out how to get it to tell me where I've just been so that I can walk back there. However it seems there're ways to program it with map references, or draw routes on digital maps on your computer, then load said map onto the gadget so enabling you to replicate your drawn route on the ground.

Thing is, what mapping is best, without spending a fortune on it? and will the Garmin software work with any mapping or only with the Garmin maps which come in funny scales? And where do you start?
James Jackson on 17 Dec 2012
In reply to colinakmc:

If you install the Garmin BaseCamp software it came with (or download it from their website), it will allow you to export routes you've recorded in a format you can load onto Google Maps. That's a bit of a winner.
colinakmc - on 17 Dec 2012
In reply to James Jackson: Thanks for that, I've been figuring that out but can you go the other way - draw a route and upload it onto your gadget in preparation for your walk?
StuDoig - on 17 Dec 2012
In reply to colinakmc:
you can plot routes on garmin basecamp as well and export them to the device, alternatively if you have memory map or anquet type digital maps anyway you can also export from those to the GPS.

You can download a user manual from garmin's website that explains how to import / export routes via basecamp as well.


balmybaldwin - on 17 Dec 2012
In reply to colinakmc:

Its not meant for walking, but if you play with the options on there are walking settings, this allows you to plan a route, and if you choose the download option, and choose save to gps it will upload your route to the device.

You may find it easier when planning the route to switch the main map to "osm cycle", and then choose under options route for walking.
Mike H SNG - on 18 Dec 2012
In reply to colinakmc:
There is a website called Walk Highlands. It has a GPS route planner and 1:25k mapping for the whole of the U.K. After creating the route you want to walk you can save it as a GPX file and transfer it to your GPS. Brilliant website!

colinakmc - on 19 Dec 2012
In reply to Sierra Nevada Guides: Thanks to all of you, that's given me a couple of ideas to try. I already use Walkhighlands site but hadn't figured the stuff about GPX files. That's probably my first experiment in gadgetology.

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