/ The history of Bothy bags / group shelters.

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mikeatomm - on 17:17 Sat

BOTHY Bags or group shelters. 

Outdoor Gear Coach has published a well researched story about Bothy bags (also known as group shelters (or Zdarsky sacks in USA and we are looking for interesting stories of real live use. 


Bothy bags are now almost standard kit for group leaders in UK and Scandinavia and to a lesser extent in eastern USA but hardly at all in Alpine Europe. However the depth of understanding of their benefits is something that deserves to be improved. This story is a result of collaboration with our USA editor Chuck Kukla.  

and it starts much earlier than we had previously assumed, 1890's with Mummery tent and Smythe in the 1930's in a fascinating way.

Frank R. on 21:56 Sat
In reply to mikeatomm:

Interesting. Regarding Mathias Zdarsky's original design, most of the publications about him are in German or Czech (he was born in Moravia, interestingly one of the least mountainous part of the then Austrian Hungarian empire  ). Not much in English. You could try contacting the Lilienfeld Ski museum, they published some books about him, perhaps they could help with finding out more. Zdarsky was a very interesting figure in ski mountaineering and avalanche study at the time.


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