Prototype Mountain Equipment Tent - Manta?

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 MtnGeekUK 08 Jan 2021

Hi all -

I'm on the lookout for some information on a former ME prototype tent. I recall it being called the Manta, and it came in both 1p and 2p variants.

ME say they've not got any info on it, and Google is not coming up with anything.

Does anyone have any information on this (pictures, specs etc.) please?

 MtnGeekUK 09 Jan 2021
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 TMM 09 Jan 2021
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No idea on that one but I recall they had a range of two tents in the 80’s or 90’s. Highline and Snowline both three pole tunnels that went up inner first. I had the larger, 3 person, version. Very strong but a faff to erect as inner had guylines at each end. Similar shape to the Macpac Olympus and TNF Westwind.

 leon 1 09 Jan 2021
In reply to MtnGeekUK: Mountain Hardwear used to do a tent called the Vision that was 2 pax It was available in Manta Grey ??

 monzaman 09 Jan 2021
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maybe this trek-lite thread from 2018 has some info.....

 MtnGeekUK 13 Jan 2021
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I've replied there in the last week asking for further info (under an alternative guise to my user here) - no reply thus far. That thread is literally the one and only reference I can find anywhere on the internet. It at least proves that I didn't dream / imagine it.

I'm convinced there were threads on here and Outdoorsmagic, but searches have proved fruitless.

Maybe it's a conspiracy and I should get my tin foil hat out??

 MtnGeekUK 13 Jan 2021
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Not that one. It was similar-ish to the Mountain Hardwear Mountain Wing, but instead of a central pole going up and over, there was a single vertical pole that would sit inside the porch, ala a pyramid tent. It did the same / similar small poles at either end, from what I can remember.

The thread that Monzaman refers to is literally the only reference I can find to it on the internet. Have contact ME directly and they've said nope.

It's really bizarre...

 olddirtydoggy 13 Jan 2021
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Can't help you on this specific tent but ME have sold on prototypes that were 1 off's. A good friend of mine owns a 3 man tent from around 2008 that was described as a 5 season tent, not sure what season that is. It's a red coloured tunnel tent that is very heavy duty and weighing around 4.5kg. We tested it on Froggat edge for fun in a storm and it was like sleeping in a metal box, a proper bomb shelter. The story was, it was used in an arctic expedition and was a one off. After it was used they sold it off through the Magic Mountain shop in Glossop where my mate bought it. He always got stuff cheap there as he was on very good terms with the staff. This tent was never put into general production and sits in his dry garage on a shelf where it will probably stay.

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