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HTPumlumon 21 Aug 2019

For the last 8 years I've been using a Mountain Equipment Kongur as my main outer layer. It's given good service in that time, and mostly kept me dry in everything from Scottish Winter to the occasional commute on my bike. However, it's now starting to (literally) come apart at the seams, so a new main waterproof is in order.

I've had a fairly extensive look at what's available from the main manufacturers, and am really surprised how they all seem to have abandoned zip covers (i.e. the coat material covering the zips, secured with velcro). I know modern zips are supposed to be waterproof, but I just can't imagine the standing up to the driving rain we get in the UK. Most of the coats o the market also seem to have really poor pocket design, not providing a pocket that could fit an OS map for example

I would happily replace my Kongur with a like-for-like, but it appears Mountain Equipment have discontinued the line. There's the Kongur MRT coat, but even that appears to be out of stock on most retailers' websites, and is a hefty £550 on ME's own website (near on twice as expensive as the next coat down).

Anyone know what's going on with the Kongur/Kongur MRT? Or could suggest a suitable alternative with good zips and pockets?


andyd1970 21 Aug 2019
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Mountain Equipment Tupilak or the Lhotse which has more pockets are quite similar 

This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.