/ ME Supercharger/Marmot Guides Down Hoody

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Ferret on 11 Mar 2019

Hi All

Considering a Mountain Hardware Supercharger - very cheap (it seems) on sportpursuit at present (possibly also the Marmot Guides Down Hoody).

Does anybody have any views good or bad on what they are like and also on size/fit

I'm looking for a properly warm 'downy' (although aware the ME one is mixed down and synthetic) for general sculling around - not expedition use or anything. Dog walking/day to day wear/freezing ballcocks off while kids play at skate park etc. Replacing an Alpkit.... had an Alpkit first in about 2008 I think and it was big bulky and warm... that got demoted after hard use and a newer one bought in about 2013 or 14 and it's never felt as warm... and new models are not the bargain they used to be.. less puffy etc. So, I'm after great warmth for price I guess.
Fit wise I'd prefer not to look too much like Michelin man and I'm a 5'6", 35" chest if I'm lucky 57kg weakling so unless Small is genuinely small I may just rattle around inside of it....ideally hoping to get something that's on the 'fitted' side of things but most of those I've seen have still been too large even in 'small' or are less warm/designed for use on the go as part of layering.

Any other suggestions for a super warm, hooded, down type jacket at £80 to £140ish for a small slender man if Supercharger or Marmot are deemed not as warm as claims or is likely to be too large?


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