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Holes in climbing shoes

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 Marika 21 May 2020

Hi all!

I frequently get holes in the toes of my climbing shoes, meaning they need to be regularly replaced. This could be due to my climbing style.

Can anyone recommend any shoe makes which are stronger around the toes? I'm looking for more technical climbing shoes, a fan of la sportiva fit but keep getting holes in these too.

I currently wear la LA sportiva Kataki. Would you recommend resoling current shoes with la sportiva supplier or getting some new ones?

Thank you! 

 McKEuan 21 May 2020
In reply to Marika:

Where are the holes and after how long are you getting them??

 Andypeak 21 May 2020
In reply to Marika:

Sounds like you need to improve your footwork. 

Unfortunately any technical shoe is going to wear out faster than a comfort shoe as the rubber is thinner to increase sensitivity. If you want harder wearing go for a comfort shoe. 

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 George88 21 May 2020

In my experience La Sportiva are one of the worst for holes in toes. I swear they just don't put enough rubber there. 

 dry 27 May 2020
In reply to Marika:

Is this in the rand or at the front of the sole? If it's just the rand then it's probably to do with footwork.

If it's the sole and from normal wear then it's probably normal. You can always try and work on footwork and be precise and place right first time. Try as little readjustment as possible.

The Kataki's use Vibram XS Edge which is a stiffer rubber that should last longer. In the Kataki's the rubber is 4mm. You can find resolers that do a range of thicknesses - some definitely do XS Edge in 5mm so that's worth looking at.

Would be less sensitive at first but might help with your issue

This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.