/ Grivel Ghost spares?

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cb294 02 Jun 2019

I managed to lose the adze of my Grivel Ghost light ice axe. Any idea who sells spares over the net? I have written to Grivel some time ago, but unfortunately no reply yet.


a crap climber 02 Jun 2019
In reply to cb294:

Needle sports usually have a wide range of spares. Just had a quick look on their site and can't see what you're after, but it might be worth asking as they're normally super helpful.

Edit: just looking at pictures of the adze, I can't see any bolts etc to hold it in. Looks like it might be some kind of interference fit, in which case it's unlikely to be easily replaced and would hence potentially be a warranty issue. Don't know if anyone with an intact one can confirm? 

Also have you tried asking the UK distributor? 

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TobyA 03 Jun 2019
In reply to cb294:

I considered getting one of those axes - isn't the adze welded on? If so, then isn't it more the case of the adze having broken off? Rather than you "losing" it? If that's the case and depending on how long you've had it and whether you think you used it fairly, maybe just contact whoever you bought it from to ask for a replacement.

cb294 03 Jun 2019
In reply to TobyA and ACC:

Had it a bit too long for warranty, but it looks as if it was just a compression fit (if there was supposed to be a spot weld is was missing on mine).

I have contacted the place I bought it from, but also not heard back yet. 

If I cannot get a spare adze I will probably just make one from a piece of stainless steel and weld it into the slot.... Anyway, it is just my emergency hiking/ski touring axe, for proper mountaineering where the adze may be important I have several proper, T-rated tools.


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