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BD toe bails on Grivel crampons

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 DaveHK 29 Dec 2019

Anyone done this?

Did you die?

G20+ crampons and the bails below or something very like them:



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In reply to DaveHK:

As long as they fit, don't see it being a problem. I've used Grivel heel clips (also rear heel sections) on BD crampons, Petzl toe bails on same crampons, to get better fit on boots.

You'll be fine, Dave.


Ps. I could even give you a set of those BD ones to try?

 Exile 29 Dec 2019
In reply to DaveHK:

In the short answer to your question - No, never done it. A friend did use BD crampons with a Grvel heal piece for years though, and that worked really well. So, what I take from that is put it on, if it looks like it works it probably will...

 DaveHK 29 Dec 2019
In reply to Stuart the postie:

Cheers Stuart, Erick gave me a set so I'm sorted.

 HeMa 29 Dec 2019
In reply to DaveHK:

As has been said, you'll (prolly) be fine, provided the bails fit and the grooves/stamps aren't aligned in the position where you have them when you climb.

I've used some Grivel bails on my (wifes) Austria Alpines 'poons and works just fine.

Also used numerous years Grivel heel assembly on the (original) Darts (as the old Petzl heel clip was utter shite).

 Wayne S 29 Dec 2019
In reply to DaveHK:

Not quite the same but did use the replacement BD “wide” front Wires to improve the B3 boot fit on my Petzl Lynx crampons.  The standard wire fit is poor and are an odd form made of angles.  

Still immortal .... so far

 DaveHK 29 Dec 2019
In reply to DaveHK:

I should've actually looked at them before posting because having done so there isn't a snowballs chance in hell the BD bails will pass through the holes on the G20s!

Thanks anyway.

 Frank R. 29 Dec 2019
In reply to DaveHK:

On a related note (sorry for a slight thread hijack!) - anybody tried frankesteining Petzl or other heel cradles (for B1 walking boots without the rear welt) on AirTechs or other Grivels? My boots with welts are off to repair or replacement, and I am not much keen on buying new strap-on walking crampons I just won't use much after I get my boots back. Just for the easy stuff, F/PD, no real climbing... By the pictures, it might work, but

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