/ My Toubkal in winter: synthetic jacket?

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Newbie-in-London - on 06 Dec 2018


im off to my Toubkal in March. First trip of this kind. Would a synthetic insulating jacket like mountain equipment citadel/ rab photon x/ me Fitzroy be too cold/too hot/just right? 

Would down be better?


I tend to feel the cold more than average  



BarneyLoosemore - on 06 Dec 2018
In reply to Newbie-in-London:

Toubkal in winter is cold but not too cold, especially because of how sunny it tends to be in the Atlas -- I spent 8 days in the CAF hut in March of this year and we had wall to wall blue sky 80% of the time. I wore a base layer, fleece midlayer and ME Fitzroy throughout the trip, and in fact was fine with just two layers a lot of the time. It's extremely dry in the Atlas so a feather down will offer a better warmth-to-weight ratio and will be greater value, but synthetic will be better in the long term if you intend to use it at all in the UK. Personally I'd recommend a Fitzroy, or a Citadel if you intend to go anywhere colder in the future.

andrew ogilvie - on 06 Dec 2018
In reply to BarneyLoosemore:

We were there in February, it was around -10C at the refuge overnight but it wasn't any colder than a Scottish winter day on the ascent the next ( admittedly perfect) day. If you'd be comfortable on Ben Macdui you'll probably be fine on Toubkal. Also worth noting that it'll be T shirt weather in Marrakesh by then (at least for a pasty Scot like me) -its lovely there in February.

Edit - the sun is mighty strong up there though and you wont be sorry to have goggles for the couloir.

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