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What (winter) tyres for Gravel Bike?

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Currently got the WTB Byway ( https://www.wtb.com/products/byway ) on my gravel bike. Been great on road and good on hard packed dry dirt and gravel but recent rides that are getting more mud (shallow but still there) has shown that they aren't going to be up to the job.

Bike get mixed usage on road and trails, paths but nothing too extreme and maybe rode every week or so.

Any suggestions? Between getting this bike and upgrading and much needed (previously ignored) maintenance of my mountain bike, this year has been quite bike costly so nothing to break the bank within reason.

 ChrisJD 04 Sep 2020
In reply to idiotproof (Buxton MC):

Been riding all sorts of Peak MTB trails on my gravel bike on these:

Front: Pirelli Cinturato Gravel M, 700 x 40mm

Rear: Hutchinson Touareg, 700 x 40mm;

Tubeless with liners.

Both with tan walls for extra coolness

In reply to ChrisJD:

Thanks, will take a look

In reply to idiotproof (Buxton MC):

If you don't mean "WINTER ❄️" winter tires (in which case Schwalbe Marathon Winter are pretty excellent for urban snow and ice) then just a bit more tread is needed. I used Panracer Gravel King SK last autumn and they were great until I got a puncture that wouldn't seal one morning on the way to work. They are a very light tyre and I don't think particularly tough. After many attempts at fixing the gravel king I gave up and bought some new cheaper Vittoria tyres. http://lightfromthenorth.blogspot.com/2020/05/vittoria-trail-tech-g-tubeless-ready.html?m=1

I've been really happy with these so far, and will keep using them into the winter. I've ridden plenty of reasonably rough bridleways with lots of mud about on them already, and they have worked fine. I'm sure they will do my commute through the winter without problem. Riding into work this week I did slip at low-speed going round a tight corner and go down. Big bruise at the top of my hip/side of my bum area! It was on a pavement made of brickwork just going out onto a urban street from a supermarket car park. I can see why it is slippy when wet, but as it's near my work I've ridden that corner hundreds of times before and not slipped off, so I don't know if it was the tires or perhaps something had been spilled there. I've used those newish tires lot on wet roads already never had slip like that, so I suspect it was something on the floor and not the tires that were to blame.

In reply to TobyA:

Thanks, no I just mean tyres for winter Uk conditions not WINTER snow and ice tyres.

Will take a look a true last ones you mentioned.

 dovebiker 05 Sep 2020

I'm really pleased with how Pirelli Cinturano M 700x45 are handling in all conditions - replaced a pair of WTB Riddlers.  Living in the Cairngorms I wanted something pretty durable as a shredded tyre means a long walk to anywhere. Not the lightest, but they roll pretty quick on tarmac too. For 'proper' winter, I'll be getting the fat bike out with studded tyres.

 ChrisJD 05 Sep 2020
In reply to dovebiker:

Pirelli Cinturano M , great tyres.

Had one on the back to start with as well, but found it a bit too draggy on tarmac sections.

But been really surprised how tough and grippy the Touareg has been on the back, without being overly draggy on Tarmac.

Might try the Cinturano M 700x45 on the front next time for a bit more volume.

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While ordering I've realised my wheels are 650b's and not 700's which may have been useful info to know before asking for suggestions.

Looking at WTB resolute as an option  for the front and the touareg mentioned above on rear as the vittorias are only in 700s by looks of it

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