Vitus Rapide or Rapide VR advice on differences

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 mikehike 09 Sep 2019

I can see the cheaper bike is 1x11SLX  Shimano vs Sram NX Eagle  1x12. I could live with either I think. The wheel specs look the same though have spotted the word 'lite' used with the more expensive model!  In the Q&A section the bikes weigh in at 14.6kg and 12.5kg respectively but cannot see where the weight saving is (assuming weights are accurate). Im thinking the cost saving of £240.00 Could buy some aftermarket weight savings or dropper post. Anybody able to advise what makes the VR more expensive and us it justifiable.



 ChrisJD 10 Sep 2019
In reply to mikehike:

Apart from the drivetrain, the spec sheets 'looks' the same.

But the pictures for the VR shows SRAM brakes, not Shimano. Q&A  mentions this: it does come with the SRAM brakes.

So the spec sheet is wrong, which raises questions about other components, hence possible differences in weight?

I expect the sunrace/suntour kit weighs bit.

The wheels do have very slightly different stickers on, so may be a lighter version on VR

 ChrisJD 10 Sep 2019
 steelbru 10 Sep 2019
In reply to mikehike:

The front shock is different - Rockshox Sector vs Rockshox Rekon. Both are 100mm, but the Rekon may be lighter ??

 mikehike 10 Sep 2019
In reply to ChrisJD:

Thankyou Chris for picking up on those  points and the Sonder suggestion as bikepacking is an interest. 

 steelbru 11 Sep 2019
In reply to mikehike:

What type of riding are you planning on doing ?

If lots of steep uphill, then the lighter weight ( assuming quoted figs are correct ) and the lower gearing ( 50 tooth big ring on the Eagle NX vs 46 tooth on the SLX ) may make it more fun to go for the VR

Here's some other options to throw in the mix

 mikehike 11 Sep 2019
In reply to steelbru:

Steelbro thanks

Riding, is local woods, old rail lines, upper moorland fireroads. No trail centres or down hill. Currently running Cube GTC carbon XC geometry 26" wheels. Looking for more relaxed ride but not too relaxed. I like the lightness of XC bikes as I'm a lanky weak rider, so lugging a bombproof 29'r is not my thing.

I'm shying away from 29'r . Currently looking at Giant Fathom 27.5.seems to hit the middle ground.

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