Rear mount bike rack for XS frames

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 RankAmateur 09 Jul 2021

I'm looking for a rear mount bike rack that will take 2 or 3 bikes, including Xtra Small frames.

The arms on my old Halfords rack are just that bit too wide to get her MTB on (her road bike just about fits).

Any recommendations? It needs to be able to go on a Skoda Yeti. I do have roof mounts from when I had a much lower car, but it's an absolute arse to get up on the top now.

It also limits where we can park up if we go anywhere

I like the look of the Saris Bone 2 or 3, but there's no info on how wide the arms are.


[Edit] The exterior distance on the existing rack is 46cm, and something around 35 to 40cm would be great.

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 dsh 09 Jul 2021
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Look into getting a hitch added if you don't have one and get a hitch rack. All bikes fit on them, they hold their value well if you ever change to a car which is unpractical to mount a hitch and are far superior than arm racks for MTB especially modern full suspension bikes or more than one. They're also don't have the risk of damaging paint/seals at the attachment points.

Obviously more expensive up front but longer time will even out over cheap racks and a better user experience.

Most of the time a hitch is easy to install yourself too, i watched a YouTube video and was able to do it and I'm not very mechanically inclined at all.

 RankAmateur 10 Jul 2021

I've ended up going with a hybrid option - Rear mount straps and stuff, but with a tow hitch style platform that you put the bike onto.

PERUZZO Pure Instinct 2 rear mount if anyone is interested.

 coinneach 10 Jul 2021
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My Saris measures 31cm

 crayefish 10 Jul 2021
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I'd probably go with dsh's suggestion and get a proper hitch mounted one.

But... if youre feeling brave... there is always this option for less than the cost of a hitch installation and bike rack (also 2 bike options):

Can mount on the rear window, not just the roof.  Not sure I'd ever be able to drive with a worry free mind personally, but they seem to work and are even used in the Tour de France.

 RankAmateur 12 Jul 2021

A nice idea, but our bikes are a mix of drop-outs, thru-axel and bolted on hub motors that really don't want to come off.

 Dalton07 01 Aug 2021

 Cycling is a fun and enjoyable hobby,  but it will be more useful by installing a rear bike rack. First, you should look for a rack that can carry a maximum of 25kg so that you can carry heavier objects, buy a rear bike rack that is compatible with the size of the bike rack for a more stable attachment. When you install a rear bike rack, you should consider rear-back racks with eyelets for fast and easy installation. You can use it to carry your bike tools, daily essentials, and food with a rack trunk.

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