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 alvawitting 16 Sep 2021

Can the spindle and cones be replaced in a Shimano hub? if so are there standard sizes and what should I be searching for?

My rear bearings have a huge amount of play in them - yesterday I took the wheel off and the locking nut against the cone was loose so I adjusted the cone and nipped up the locking nut. As I tightened it I noticed some "clicks".  I got it nice and smoothly running without play and reinstalled the wheel.

And then the wheel had the same, large amount of play in it.

Putting two+two together I surmise that the threads have gone on the spindle and/or locking nut and that a replacement is in order - the wheel is ok but it's seen a lot of service and new cones would be sensible was well.

I suspect changing the cups really means a new hub (which practically means a new wheel).

So... pointers to a new spindle/cones cones suitable for a Shimano rear MTB wheel please!

 LastBoyScout 16 Sep 2021
In reply to alvawitting:

Should be able to get replacements from your local bike shop - they should be a standard size bearing.

Only need to replace the cups or cones if they're pitted. Some hubs you can replace the cups, but you'll probably need special tools to get the old ones out/insert the new ones.

 Jon Greengrass 17 Sep 2021
In reply to alvawitting:

Shimano have a "techdocs" webpage that has exploded diagrams with part numbers for all their components

SJS cycles stock a huge array of Shimano Cones and Axles.

 gethin_allen 17 Sep 2021

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