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 Philip 11 Aug 2020

Looking for a watch I can use to navigate long rides rather than turn phone on. They'll be with OS map GPX or Komoot files.

The Garmin 645 is on offer, supports courses, but can't find any reviews using it for navigation. I don't want a bike computer as I want other features of a watch for other things.

Any advice, don't need turn by turn, but do need to know direction when I hit cross roads. If it's not easy, I'll switch to looking for a mount for my phone.

 Dave B 11 Aug 2020
In reply to Philip:

I used my F6  base last week for nav, it was quite a lot harder to use for this compared to my wahoo bolt, still doable though.  As my F6 didn't have maps and the turn indication came up pretty much on the junction, rather than before it. Maybe a setting issue, but I've got my wahoo on my bikes at home, but was on hols 

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 Philip 11 Aug 2020
In reply to Dave B:

Thanks. Other option was wahoo for my wife (in charge of route planning) and just a watch for me.

Got an option on a Forerunner 645 music for £170 new.

 Dave B 12 Aug 2020
In reply to Philip:

Id say the 645 should be OK for very basic, but could leave you missing those angled side roads. The wahoo or a garmin bike computer is better.

I used my suunto for a while to do the c same, but it was not quite as good as the 645 navigation, but this left me going wrong a few times per ride and grabbing my phone out of the pocket every now and again.. I've never got lost on the wahoo after 18 months. 

 JimR 12 Aug 2020
In reply to Dave B:

I use my Garmin xt920, no maps but gives breadcrumb. 

 Joez 12 Aug 2020
In reply to JimR:

Second vote for 920xt. Good battery life, can do turn notifications with a bit of finessing, but i usually just stick to a simple line. It warns you when you're off track and shows your position relative to the track.

Going rate is £50-100 second hand

Maps on a watch your looking at the higher end stuff like Fenix

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This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.
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